LETTER: Editor Dave Perry’s TV debate was just another a mistaken rant against arming teachers

I just watched Dave Perry’s TV debate on Jon Caldara’s Devil’s Advocate show, covering the FASTER program in Colorado.
With all due respect, Perry is a complete idiot when it comes to his “rationale” over arming staff in schools. Why doesn’t he look into just how many staff in the schools have a concealed carry license?
That may not answer that question, though, because of the likes of him and his ”common sense” approach. So why is he so “for” taking away a staff person’s constitutional rights for self-protection just because they are at a school?
Why have staff died protecting others with their body? Because they had nothing else to defend themselves or others, that’s why.
I am a public service professional, a paramedic for over 25 years. I have trained with our local law enforcement on active shooter incidents. I now carry ballistic gear at work.
During the training, some officers themselves said they cannot be there to stop a shooting at the onset, and their police chief agrees.
So when you say police are against it that is not correct. I believe the majority of officers would support the FASTER program.
Unfortunately, I have experienced a response to an active shooter incident.  It was not at a school, however the effects still apply. Fortunately, we are being more proactive in my area and now carry ballistic gear everyday.
A person went to several places looking for an individual, and upon not finding them shot innocent people at each location. Ultimately a law enforcement officer was fatally shot as well when he was ambushed by the shooter.  I responded on the officer.  Could this have turned out differently if someone along the line was willing to stand up and defend others with a firearm that person carried?
The police were at the first scene while he was killing at another. This and many other shootings only ended when the shooter was confronted by someone with a gun.
That’s why I carry concealed everyday and wherever I can, to possibly protect idiots like Perry, who think regulating law-abiding citizens is the answer to the criminal mindset.
Look at legitimate studies and you will see many more people are killed with “objects” other than firearms.
Is this going to change Perry’s mind? I doubt it. Just remember, there are good people out there every day we may come in contact with that are carrying a firearm and you never know it. And they don’t go around shooting people.
Also by the way, there have been police officers that have gone through the FASTER training with their schools and have stated it was better than the training they received in their academies. So his idea about police training is all-inclusive is also wrong.
 — Thomas Hanke, Aurora via [email protected]