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The Sentinel
12100 East Iliff Avenue, Suite 102
Aurora, CO 80014
303.750.7555 | Directions to our office

James Gold – Publisher | [email protected]

Dave Perry – Editor | [email protected]
Sasha Heller – Managing Editor | [email protected]
Courtney Oakes – Sports Editor | [email protected]

Newsroom Staff
Kara Mason | [email protected]
Grant Stringer | [email protected]
Quincy Snowdon | [email protected]
Philip Poston – Photo Editor | [email protected]

Multi-Media Advertising
Rhonda Canino – Advertising Director | [email protected]
Haley Berry – Sales Account Manager | [email protected]
Matthew Isom – Sales Account Manager | [email protected]

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Legal Advertising
Kevin Hill | [email protected]

Marketing, Operations & Distribution
Melanie Coker – Marketing, Operations & Finance Director | [email protected]
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Kevin Hill – Media Specialist | [email protected]
Scott Guberud – Media Specialist | [email protected]

Payables/Receivables, Melanie Coker | [email protected]

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