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Colorado Primary Election 2018

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2018 ELECTION: Progressive action gaining speed in Colorado

Susan Gilbert, the Denver chapter leader of Progressive Democrats of America, explained that “progressive” is used loosely sometimes. But to her and a lot of people who consider themselves progressive, their views land on the political spectrum as the “Democratic wing of the Democratic party.” True progressives support Medicare for all — not just a broad universal healthcare plan — they put the environment high on their priority list, and they have a passion for social justice.

National 2018 Election Roundup

Night of firsts as Democrats pick diverse slate of nominees for top state, federal offices

Democrats embraced diversity in Tuesday primaries, while Republicans in Minnesota rejected a familiar face of the GOP old guard in favor of a rising newcomer aligned with President Donald Trump

Against all odds: Democrats pour money into longshot races

"It's not the question of why I have to support a failing candidate," said Narasimhan, mingling at a fundraiser for Democrat Sri Kulkarni on a sweltering Texas summer night. "Unless you put some faith in it, you're not going to make it work."

Instead of tax cuts, GOP candidates motivate with anxiety

preferred super villain for Republicans. "We wish it got the pitch forks out and it doesn't," GOP ad maker Will Ritter said of the Republican tax cuts.

Ohio and Kansas races too close to call; Trump’s picks lead

WESTERVILLE, Ohio  |  Two high-stakes elections that tested President Donald Trump's clout and cost both...

SENTINEL POLS: Questions surrounding Trump donation to Coffman

AURORA | Is Aurora Congressman Mike Coffman getting campaign cash from President Donald Trump?  It's not...

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EDITORIAL: America’s fed-up youth offer a simple way to begin solving...

It’s ludicrous to think or say that prolific guns — especially those designed to inflict widespread human carnage — are not a large contributor to America’s plague of gun violence. It’s just as foolish, however, to say that they are the only problem.

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