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Possible House leader Kevin McCarthy seen by Trump as ally

McCarthy emerged from the Wednesday evening chat confident he had Trump's backing to succeed Ryan, said one of the sources, a GOP operative. Trump tried not to explicitly endorse McCarthy, said the other source, but it was clear the president would be "very happy" for McCarthy to ascend to the post.

Louisiana takes aim at Jim Crow-era jury law

"This is something that is wholly unnecessary that was born of this fusion of racism and disenfranchisement," he said. "It's a self-defeating, illogical position to have two jurors say 'we don't think he did it,' then prosecutors to say we met our reasonable doubt standard."

Missouri governor’s scandal ensnares unwitting hairdresser

"I can't help but feel sorry for her," said Lisa Aronson Fontes, a senior lecturer at the University of Massachusetts Amherst and an expert on sexual violence and coercive relationships. "The very least each of us would like to be able to do is to control intimate, personal and embarrassing information about ourselves."

GOP devotes $250M to midterm strategy: Keep House majority

"Our No. 1 priority is keeping the House. We have to win the House," RNC political director Juston Johnson said. "That is the approach we took to put the budget together."

Will Democrats pluck the next president from city hall?

"The mayors of some American cities are running cities that are bigger than some countries. We run police departments and deal with public safety. We deal with a plethora of issues, and we're on the ground," Landrieu said. "We're very accountable."

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EDITORIAL: America’s fed-up youth offer a simple way to begin solving...

It’s ludicrous to think or say that prolific guns — especially those designed to inflict widespread human carnage — are not a large contributor to America’s plague of gun violence. It’s just as foolish, however, to say that they are the only problem.

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