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SENTINEL POLS: Federal judge temporarily blocks plan to end TPS, says...

“They have had children and grandchildren here, bought homes, started small businesses, and they have become a part of the fabric of our community. They should not be forced to leave." — Congressman Mike Coffman

SENTINEL POLS: ‘Missing’ Stapleton flyers getting ‘strategic’ placements in the metro...

“We were very strategic in our placement of the flyers,” said Eric Walker, a spokesman for the Colorado Dems
Political pundits have dubbed the 2018 Midterm Elections as the most important election of our lifetimes. Now’s your chance to prove them right. Several key issues highlight this year’s ballot that could affect the quality of life for residents across the state. CLICK HERE FOR COMPLETE ELECTION COVERAGE AND INFORMATION Among the most notable issues are: • Amendment 73: creating the Quality Public...

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Stapleton, Polis clash during debate over health care, guns and ‘green’...

Stapleton said Polis' promotion of a 100 percent green energy grid for Colorado by 2040 would bankrupt Coloradans. Polis insisted his goal is both aspirational and market-based and that Colorado's economy and climate depend on an all-of-the-above energy plan

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GOP plays blame game while fighting to save House majority — Rep. Mike Coffman’s race affected

"This is going to be a devastating election for Republicans across the ballot," said Republican strategist Terry Sullivan, who called the party's fundraising issues a symptom of the GOP's broader challenge this fall

New strategy: Democrats go all-in on health care in midterms

PHOENIX | In a windowless conference room, Republican Senate candidate Martha McSally was asking executives...

Actor James Woods bashes Twitter after getting locked out for tweet about election

In an exclusive interview with The Associated Press on Sunday, Woods said this means he'll be allowed back on Twitter only if he decides to do what Twitter says. He says he won't do that, and he won't delete the tweet

Colorado Dems and GOP wooing young voters — who rarely vote

“It’s really weird. When you look at Arapahoe County and active voter population, registration looks opposite of people who actually vote,” said Arapahoe County Clerk and Recorder Matt Crane

Trump, others dispute Woodward’s book description of an unhinged leader in a chaotic White House

Trump decried the quotes and stories in the book on Twitter as "frauds, a con on the public," adding that Defense Secretary Jim Mattis and chief of staff John Kelly had denied uttering quoted criticisms of the president in the book

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