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Colorado Primary Election 2018

6th Congressional District

Border separations controversy hits congressional races in Aurora, nation’s swing districts

Democrat Jason Crow, a leading candidate to unseat Coffman, said the congressman can't run from his previous support for "zero-tolerance" border security. "This is what that looks like," Crow said, adding that as "an American and as a father" he finds the border situation "immoral."

Colorado Governor

National 2018 Election Roundup

Trump says he won’t sign ‘moderate’ GOP immigration bill — Aurora’s Congressman Coffman infuriated

"I hope my colleagues who are pushing the discharge petition with me don't waver — I'm sure as hell not. We've got a job to do.”

In SC primary, ardent Trump backer defeats Rep. Mark Sanford

Trump tweeted Wednesday that his advisers didn't want him to get involved in the Republican primary, thinking Rep. Mark Sanford "would easily win"

In pro-Trump ND, Democrat Heitkamp has no time for resisting

"If you simply focus on resistance, if that's your sole motivation and purpose, I don't know how you'd ever get anything done," Heitkamp said during an Associated Press interview at a coffee shop in Mandan, her hometown. "When we agree, we work together."

Democrats hope for ‘blue wave’ push from 8-state primary day

LOS ANGELES | Holding hopes of a "blue wave" in November, Democrats fought to shape...

Kansas governor candidate decries ‘snowflake meltdown’

The Republican gubernatorial candidate said in a tweet Sunday that he will "not back down in the face of a snowflake meltdown and outrage culture."

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SENTINEL POLS: Two post offices may be renamed to honor slain...

“Officers Parrish and Gumm exemplified the commitment to public service and gave up their lives in the pursuit of keeping our community safe. We are forever indebted to them and their families for their sacrifice,” Coffman said in a statement regarding the legislation

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EDITORIAL: America’s fed-up youth offer a simple way to begin solving...

It’s ludicrous to think or say that prolific guns — especially those designed to inflict widespread human carnage — are not a large contributor to America’s plague of gun violence. It’s just as foolish, however, to say that they are the only problem.

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