Delayed run of ‘Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson’ to kick off Saturday


It looks like broken ribs, a punctured lung and head injuries can’t stop Ben Dicke from moving forward with his creative vision.

Two weeks after sustaining multiple injuries that delayed the scheduled debut of the musical “Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson” at the Aurora Fox theater, Dicke announced the show will resume sooner than expected. Dicke, who directs and stars in the production, announced via Facebook Friday that the theater would host a “sneak preview” of the show at 7:30 p.m. on Saturday, Sept. 22.

After Dicke fell into a trapdoor at the Fox and suffered several injuries on Sept. 7, theater officials announced the opening of the musical “Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson” would be delayed until Sept. 27.

The rescheduled run of the musical at the Fox’s studio theater will still end Oct. 28. Thursday dates have been added in an attempt to make up for the lost revenue caused by the delay.

Dicke’s efforts to bring the regional premiere of the rock opera by Michael Friedman and Alex Timber to the Fox have spanned nearly six months. In May, Dicke took to a treadmill on the 16th Street Mall in Denver, running a full 24 hours in an effort to raise $10,000 for the show through the Kickstarter website.

Dicke’s full announcement from Facebook follows.

“LAST MINUTE ANNOUNCEMENT! Ben Dicke is back and ready to perform earlier than expected after falling through a trap door on the previous scheduled Opening Night. That means that tomorrow, Saturday, September 22 at 7:30 PM, the cast of BLOODY BLOODY ANDREW JACKSON will be hosting a Sneak Preview. This is your chance to see the show before the critics, the loud-mouth local actors and your Mom all ruin the surprises. Who knows, come early enough and you might even get to wear a racist costume and sit on our Reservation? Tickets are $25 at the door. No advanced tickets will be sold. Aurora Fox Studio theater, 9900 East Colfax Ave., Aurora.”