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FDA begins anti-smoking push to cut nicotine in cigarettes

The Food and Drug Administration estimates its plan, first announced last summer, could push the U.S. smoking rate to 1 percent. Currently about 15 percent of adults in the U.S. smoke. Regulators estimate about 5 million additional people would quit cigarettes within one year of the new nicotine limits.


‘Homer can help you’: War veterans use ancient epics to cope

"It still resonates, coming home from war, even if it was however many years ago," said Wobby, a junior majoring in chemistry. "It's the same."

Mocha master: SKorea barista adorns coffee with works of art

Lee Kang Bin uses food coloring and small brushes, spoons and tools that look like mini ice picks to draw people, animals, Disney characters and landscapes on coffee.

Blue Apron plans to bring its meal kits in stores

The shift comes as more grocers get into the meal-kit business. Walmart, for example, is expanding its easy-to-make dinners in more than 2,000 of its stores.

Not a fan of broccoli? You will be adding cheese and...

One recent night, I had dinner at her house. When I asked if there was anything that I could do to help, she replied that it was all done. When I arrived, the house smelled divine as the Chicken Marbella was already in the oven.

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Conductor Levine, ousted after sex abuse inquiry, sues Met

"Cynically hijacking the good will of the #MeToo movement," the Met and its general manager, Peter Gelb, "brazenly seized on these allegations as a pretext to end a longstanding personal campaign to force Levine out of the Met," said Levine's suit, filed in a Manhattan state court.

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United to issue special pet carrier tags after dog’s death

"To prevent this from happening again, by April we will issue bright colored bag tags to customers traveling with in-cabin pets," United said in a statement.

Peak bloom for DC’s cherry blossoms delayed by frigid temps

The National Park Service announced Monday afternoon that it is pushing back the peak bloom date from the March 17-to-20 window to March 27 to 31 due to colder-than-expected temperatures.

Tolerance for discomfort can save money on trip to Europe

"You have to be honest with yourself about what level of discomfort you're willing to be in for a 10-hour flight" on a budget airline, says Lisa Friend, a travel consultant with Rick Steves' Europe, "but for just getting there, they can be an excellent introductory price."

Colorado ski area suspends operations due to lack of snow

The small ski operation offers six trails on 60 skiable acres and a summit of 8,888 feet (2,709 meters). Kim Oyler, spokeswoman for Mountain Capital Partners, says the ski area relies entirely on natural snowfall for its operations. It will reopen if the area receives significant snowfall.

During Trump hotel strife, a ‘Trump Mojito’ but no water

"This isn't what you expect from a luxury hotel," one guest was heard fuming when told Thursday that access to running water would not be restored for hours.