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Posthumous Dr. Seuss book coming Sept. 3

NEW YORK | There is no muse like Dr. Seuss. An unfinished manuscript by the late children's author is the basis for "Dr. Seuss's Horse...

Poppy seed muffins with rich, full flavor – and less sugar

We turned to Sucanat, which we ground in a spice grinder to ensure that the tops of the finished muffins weren't speckled. Lemon zest seemed like a natural complement to the poppy seeds, but we could only add so much zest before the muffins started to taste soapy, and our muffins were still lacking flavor.

Kids and adults alike will delight in making ‘zoodles’

Use chef's knife to trim off ends of zucchini. Use spiralizer to cut zucchini into 1/8-inch-thick noodles. On cutting board, pull noodles straight and use kitchen shears to cut them into 12-inch lengths.

Mix up your pasta and meatballs with some lamb and orzo

A panade_a simple paste made from Greek yogurt and panko_kept the meatballs moist and lent the dish welcome tangy flavor. We used our Dutch oven to deeply brown the meatballs and create lots of flavorful fond in the pot. Using some of the rendered fat to cook our aromatics gave our orzo pilaf a super-savory base.

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Feel like climbing 2,500 steps? Head to new NYC sculpture

NEW YORK | A colossal sculpture that will give people more than 150 interconnected stairways...

New Disney Star Wars theme park lands set opening dates

ANAHEIM, Calif. | The Millennium Falcon is blasting off from Disneyland on May 31 with...

Study: More sharks bite people in Hawaii, but risk minuscule

"In highly populated regions_like the Eastern USA and Southern Australia_shark attack rates have doubled in the last 20 years, and while the rates remain relatively low, they should continue to be monitored," the report said.

New Disney area to immerse parkgoers in a Star Wars story

"You will not think you're in a theme park," he said. "Every cast member will be in character, the food and beverage and language will be in story. The merchandise inside the shops won't be in boxes that say Disney on them. Everything is very, very immersive."

State transit service is short on drivers

DENVER | Wayne Graham had his sights set on Vail for a day of skiing...