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REVIEW: Vintage’s Bridges takes audiences on a musical journey of love...

But the end result of the book-to movie-to musical journey of Bridges has produced a subtle play that is both uplifting and heartbreaking, and doesn’t give the audience any easy answers as to what is worth sacrificing for love. And the regional premiere currently running at Vintage Theatre uses that great source material and takes it to another level. The show is both inspirational and tragic and among the best shows the theater has put this season.


Wings Over the Rockies gives a sneak peak at new campus...

The Lowry-based aviation museum is set to open the hangar doors to its Boeing Blue Sky Gallery on July 21. The 19,000 square foot museum dedicated to the future of aviation is just the first of several additions planned for Wings’ Exploration of Flight campus down at the Centennial Airport.



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APNewsBreak: Author John Irving wins literary peace award

"I've written about sexual difference and sexual minorities — at times, when the prevailing literary culture labeled it bizarre or unreachable," said the Exeter, New Hampshire-born author who now lives in Toronto. "I've written with the hope that the bigotry, hatred and flat-out violence perpetrated on sexual minorities would become a relic of the past. In that sense I've written in protest — I've written protest novels."

TASTE OF THE TOUR: Donkey ears on daunting Alpe d’Huez

PLAT DU JOUR: Oreilles d'ane (Ears of a donkey) is a lasagna-like calzone stuffed with wild spinach or meat between layers of pasta and cheese. Cheese features heavily in Alpine cuisine. And don't worry - no donkeys are harmed in the making of this dish. Reassuringly, it's named after spinach leaves that resemble donkey's ears.

Soy “milk” may soon be targeted for not coming from cow

FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb at a Politico event this week said that the agency must first notify food makers of plans to change enforcement rules. He said that will happen in about a year.

Grilling salmon on a wood plank is chic and tastes good

It is a combination of rustic and chic that looks good and tastes good — but ultimately is very practical. The beauty of this preparation is that you can make it on a grill, in a smoker or even in the oven (set inside a sheet pan).

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How to Get Better Vacation Photos, No Selfie Stick Required

"People who believe memories are the best souvenir" are among those who will find value in photo services, said Flytographer founder and CEO Nicole Smith.

LIQUID GOLD: Great Sand Dunes Park was born out of cooperation over water

"I think the feeling was, 'if we're going to save this resource, the time is now. We've got to act,'" said Michael Geary, a historian who wrote "Sea of Sand: A History of Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve."

Cuba unfreezing growth of private tourism businesses

The government is unveiling a set of new regulations meant to control the growth of tourism-related private businesses and collect more tax revenue from them. Private restaurants and bed-and-breakfasts boomed after U.S.-Cuba normalization in 2014 prompted rapid growth in tourism to Cuba.

‘This Is Congo’ explores everyday voices amid conflict

"This Is Congo," directed and filmed by former photojournalist Daniel McCabe, gives an insider's view on the diverse lives behind the headlines. It follows four people — a military commander, a mineral dealer, a tailor and a high-ranking, anonymous military intelligence officer — to show the humanity in the middle of crisis.

From Barcelona to Seattle, historic markets ally to survive

"If we need a favor — anything — we can ask our neighbors", said Germana Forlena, a seller of cheese and cuts of Italian meats.