QUIDNUNC: Send Aurora your tired, your poor and your befuddled Trump brasses


QUID HAS HEARD that the phones, the intertubes and the fax machine surely must be down at the White House these days. Nothing else explains why Team Trump keeps sending out odd members of the odd team that works there to Aurora to say and do odd things. Oddly, Team Trump sent HUD Secretary Ben Carson recently to marvel over the kind of livable subsidized housing project that he and those people in the White House are trying to do away with, saying they spoil poor people into wanting to stay poor. Apparently White House coms were unawares that GOP Congressman Mike “Eeeew Trump” Coffman is awkward having to be pleasant to a Trump secretary who even raises the blood pressure of Trump fans. Then this week, Team Trump sends out GOP South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott to the Jubilee Coffee shop on East Colfax to hawk “opportunity zones,” formerly known as “enterprise zones” which were code for “corporate welfare.” Like Carson, nobody told Scott that Jubilee is a way cool place where way cool bleeding heart liberals throw shade on southern types who brag about dropping out of school and getting to be a U.S. senator from a place everybody’s desperately trying to move away from, so they can come here. Looking seriously unimpressed was Aurora Councilwoman Crystal Murillo, who explained that people who grow up poor, like her,  can and do finish school, go to college and get elected to public office as wunderkinds and not political wonders.