QUIDNUNC: More politicos should make a stink about their skin ink


Quidnunc, whose name comes from the Latin  “what now,” is out and about as often as possible  to bring you news overheard in elevators, rest rooms and spied in various e-mail boxes.

QUID HAS HEARD that the sorry hacks around this sad rag and the other fishwrappers in Colorado aren’t the only ink-stained wretches aggravating the public at large. Political types are  dyeing for attention these days. Number One needler so far is Colorado Lt. Gov. Donna Lynne. Lynne. She tattooed her arm with “fight for Colorado” and went off  ad  nauseum to try and draw the media spotlight away from the uber-rich Jared Polis, the uber-cheerful Cary Kennedy and the uber Mike Johnston. While your fashion critic at-large advises restraint from politicos in taking this any further, no nose or belly-button rings, please, Quid appreciates the opportunity here. In that vein, your’s truly recommends the following tattoos for the following political animals. There’s no doubt that 6th Congressional District Democratic candidate Jason Crow should tramp-stamp “AURORA” across the small of his back since he has said in a very big way that he is now one of us, having moved several feet to the east in his Stapleton neighborhood to make it so. There’s no doubt he’ll never leave, even if he loses this race, so what could go wrong? And Congressman Mike Coffman, running from Crow and also-Democrat Levi Tillemann, the mega-moderate-MAGA-Military-Mike should get “left” and “right” tattooed on his arms so neither he nor any of his constituents might be confused as to where he’s reaching to these days as he sidesteps away from Trump and all things anti-immigration.