QUIDNUNC: Enemies of the people flocking to Colorado because they can


QUID HAS HEARD that there’s no real reason to lure the national spotlight to Aurora, it comes willingly. Seems that of all of the wild and woolly election quandaries scattered across ‘Murica Tuesday night, none other than the likes of the Noo Yawk Times and WaPo and a few other assorted national enemies of the people landed on Aurora. They were here for Democrat Congressional hopeful Jason Crow’s oddly timed Town Hall Meetingapalooza to focus on gun control. Democrats banging the drum to elect gun-grabbers is hardly news. But when they do anything in one of the most competitive and controversial districts and races in the country, well, apparently anything is news. Quid can’t blame these eastern and midwestern prisoners of the war on the free press. It’s not hard to imagine drawing the short straw to go cover a real political story in Westerville, Ohio, where a nail-biting race could signal the fate of the GOP and Donald Trump. And to get the story, you go to Ohio, land of  the people who can’t flee to Colorado fast enough. Or, you could get on a plane and expense a few days here in The State of Cool, where the dining scene is on fire and the mountains are not. Do you want some of the best street tacos, ramen, doughnuts and dope in the nation, or overcooked American Beauty with chocolate in the spaghetti sauce? No doubt Aurora will grace many a national story between now and Election Day/Opening Day at nearby ski resorts.