LETTER: Cast a vote for Stan


EDITOR: Stan Martin is Adams County’s excellent Clerk and Recorder quietly running for reelection. He is an efficient and experienced but lovable manager who acts with obvious nonpartisan fairness. Stan is also an innovator of best practices to ensure accuracy and efficiency in elections. He facilitates public access to anonymous election evidence so anyone including presumed losers can verify election tabulations without risking voter privacy.

No one knows that better than I do. I regularly request that evidence for each election in many counties and watch election process up close across the state with credentials. Adams County with Stan Martin as clerk is probably the most welcoming of my oversight. Under Stan, Adams is always first to respond to my regular open records requests.

Reelect Stan Martin to keep Adams County out in front of Colorado, a state already recognized for leading the nation with improvements in election quality.

Harvie Branscomb, Carbondale, via [email protected]