Holy cow — rustler makes off with 56 head of prize cattle from Aurora ranch


AURORA | Colorado police are investigating the theft of more than 50 head of cattle worth about $75,000 from a ranch.

Rancher Ray Wooters says the theft of his cattle occurred at night this week possibly by two people on horseback who were seen moving the cattle off the ranch at 1701 S. Powhaton Road in eastern Aurora.

Wooters thinks they were then loaded on waiting trucks and taken away.

He says most of the cattle were pregnant and were expected to deliver calves in the spring.

Wooters tells KMGH-TV that the stolen cattle were insured, but he wasn’t sure how much of the loss his insurance would cover.

Cows can average about $1,250 each. Cows expected to produce calves are worth more.

The Colorado Department of Agriculture says about 600 cattle are reported missing each year in Colorado.