Here’s a roundup of Sentinel Colorado endorsements for 2018. For the full text of these endorsements, click on the links below:

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6th District: Jason Crow – D



Governor: Jared Polis – D

Attorney General: Phil Weiser- D

Sec of State: Wayne Williams – R

Treasurer: Dave Young – D


Arapahoe County

Commission Dist 2: Nancy Sharpe – R

Commission Dist 4: Nancy Jackson – D

Clerk: Matt Crane – R

Sheriff: Dave Walcher – R

Assessor: Marc Scott – R


Adams County

Commission Dist 4: Steve O’Dorisio – D

Commission Dist 3: Emma Pinter – D

Sheriff: Mike McIntosh – R

Clerk: Stan Martin – R


State Legislature

HD 30: Dafna Michaelson — D

HD 34: Kyle Mullica – D

HD 36: Mike Weissman – D

HD 37: Tom Sullivan – D

HD 38: Chris Kolker – D

HD 40: Janet Buckner – D

HD  41: Lynn Myers – R

HD 42: Dominique Jackson – D

HD 56: Dave Rose – D


Ballot Questions

V, Age of rep: YES

W, Retention ballot: YES

Y&Z, Redistricting: YES

A, Jail labor: YES

73, School funding: YES

74, takings: NO

75, Campaign finance: NO

109, Fix Our Damn Roads: NO

110: Transportation expansion: YES

111: Payday lenders: YES

112: Petroleum setbacks: NO

5A: APS school funding: YES

3G, 3H: Medical Marijuana: YES

3I: Keeping red-light cameras: NO

3J: Police Training: YES

3K: Broadband in Aurora: YES

Aurora Ballot Questions

Referenda 3G and 3H: Vote YES on making medical marijuana sales possible but not imminent
Aurora Referendum 3J: Yes on longer police and fire probation periods for new hires
Referendum 3K: Vote yes on allowing Aurora to investigate providing better, cheaper broadband services to residents
ENDORSEMENT: Aurora Public Schools question 5A would fund progress by dealing with reality
ENDORSEMENT: A chance to end Aurora’s red-light camera scam; vote  NO on Referendum 3I

County Candidates

ENDORSEMENTS: Sentinel 2018 picks for Adams and Arapahoe county government races

State Candidate Endorsements 

SENTINEL ENDORSEMENTS: Considering integrity, transparency, health care, gun safety and education, our state House picks for 2018
ENDORSEMENT: Pick a state treasurer whose allegiance is to Colorado, not his personal fortune — Dave Young
ENDORSEMENT: Look past the stunts and pageantry, and see that Jason Crow is the best choice for Congress
ENDORSEMENT: Williams deserves your vote of confidence as Colorado secretary of state
ENDORSEMENT: Experience does count as Colorado AG, and Weiser’s gives him an edge over Brauchler
SENTINEL ENDORSEMENT: Polis’ vision, record show he’s the right choice for Colorado governor

Statewide Ballot Questions

SENTINEL ENDORSEMENT: Don’t fall for false arguments against Amendment 73 — it’s a fair, realistic way to fund needy schools

ENDORSEMENT: Prop 110 is a practical solution for Colorado gridlock; Prop 109 is just dangerous whining

SENTINEL ENDORSEMENT: No on 75, an end-run on campaign finance restrictions; and hell no on 74, a takings nightmare
EDITORIAL: Prop 111 will finally rein in bullying payday loan industry — vote yes