PERRY: No kidding, Obama clobbers Romney in part of Aurora; Cats dinged, too.


Obama wins! Dogs, too.

Well, President Barack Obama clobbered GOP challenger Mitt Romney in an election among patients at Children’s Hospital Colorado today. How the two presidential contenders fair with all Colorado voters has yet to be revealed.

A patient at Children’s Hospital Colorado steps into the “voting booth” Tuesday to cast a presidential ballot, as well as decide important issues such as whether dogs are better than cats. PHOTO SUPPLIED

Celebrating Election Day, Children’s created a voting festival for patients, who decided the next president, as well as a few choice issues.

After tallying votes from young patients at the hospital, Obama swept the election 55 percent to 38 percent. Romney did, however, hold his own over write-in candidates that included Miss Piggy and Sponge Bob Square Pants.

Kids backed Obama and also voted to back a law that would limit the amount of sugary soft drinks children should drink each week, and they agreed that every child should be able to see a doctor when they need to. Gotta love kids. Enough to make a grown liberal cry.

Voters also agreed that dogs are far better than cats. A whopping 44 percent of patients gave paws before offering a high five to canine companions. Underdog cats garnered only 14 percent of the vote, just above elephants and donkeys. No one said politics is pretty.

Unlike voters outside of northwest Aurora, hospital officials said these voters still seemed enthused about the election, seeing how the campaign cycle and TV commercials were limited to just that morning.

Congress would do well to check it out.

Here’s the final count: 


Who do you think should be the next President of the United States?

Barack Obama: 55%

Mitt Romney: 38%

Other Candidates: 7%

Write in candidates: Miss Piggy, Panda, Sponge Bob


Do you think every child should be able to go to the doctor when he or she needs to?

Yes: 97%

No: 3%


Should all neighborhoods have safe routes for kids to walk or bike to school?

Yes: 96%

No: 4%


Should there be a limit to the amount of soda and sugary drinks kids can have each week?

Yes: 72%

No: 28%


What is your favorite animal?

Dog: 44%

Cat: 14%

Elephant: 10%

Donkey: 6%

Other: 26%

Write in candidates: River Otter, Giraffe, Pig, Penguin, Dolphin, Lion, Turtle, Horse, Rhino, Dragon, Monkey, Snake


If you’d like to watch Children’s Hospital Colorado Election Day in action, surf to: