Aurora holes-in-one, July


Congratulations to some local golfers who have recorded recent holes-in-one on Aurora golf courses. To report holes-in-one, have courses send faxes to 303-750-7699 or email [email protected]:

July 1: Dan Sutton, Centre Hills G.C., No. 1, 105 yards, pitching wedge. Witnesses: Stan Hilton, Michael Newter

July 1: Kevin ‘Chet’ Wilmes, Fitzsimons G.C., No. 5, 80 yards, 60 degree wedge. Witnesses: Marcus Ross, Scott Ross, Dan Gladina

July 5: Rick Cowen, Fitzsimons G.C., No. 9, 140 yards, 9 iron. Witnesses: Norbert Buddow, 2 others

July 5: David Barton, Centre Hills G.C., No. 7, 120 yards, 60 degree wedge. Witnesses: Tim Barton, Thomas Barton

July 6: Dennis O’Brien, Meadow Hills G.C., No. 4, 157 yards, 8 iron. Witnesses: Chris Gregory

July 10: Louis Chavez (86 years old), Fitzsimons G.C., No. 5, 96 yards, 9 iron. Witnesses: Lou Robles, Frank Salazar, Romell B.

July 17: Richard E. Colley, Fitzsimons G.C., No. 5, 85 yards, 52 degree. Witnesses: Joe Eichborn, Joe Corryfell

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