JOHANSSON: Aurora cops and Channel 7 in a Facebook standoff


The relationship between the police and the media can be a touchy one. While the two sides often rely on each other — reporters need the cops to answer our calls, cops often need us to get their message out — the at-times symbiotic relationship is prone to trouble.

Usually, the flare-ups in these otherwise-friendly relationships are limited to an angry phone call or stern talking to at some dull meeting.

But for Aurora police and a Denver TV station, those troubles are playing out on social media.

Aurora police on Monday took the rare step of using the department’s official Facebook page to publicly lambast KMGH Channel 7 for the station’s handling of a couple stories.

Below is a link to the lengthy post, but to sum it up, Aurora police got mad at the TV reporters when they hounded a sergeant who didn’t want to talk. After that, it seems APD wouldn’t answer pretty basic questions from the station, so Channel 7 let their readers know that.

When I reached an official at Channel 7 on Wednesday, they declined to comment.

The spat provides a rare window for the public into how the press and police interact.

My guess is this blows over fairly soon. We’ve been embroiled in similar spats with Aurora police and others in the past, and they usually end peacefully after a short freeze-out and a brief “airing of grievances” by the two sides.