Referenda 3G and 3H: Vote YES on making medical marijuana sales possible but not imminent


The question of whether Aurora’s still nascent but strong marijuana industry should expand to medical marijuana sales is complicated. But the question on how to vote on city ballot Referenda 3G and 3H is easy: Vote yes.

The two measures don’t permit the sale of medical marijuana, but they make it possible.

Currently, a city approved charter amendment allows for the regulated sales of recreational marijuana. By design, medical marijuana was precluded.

Since then, city officials have seen that there could be a sizable clientele that takes their medical marijuana business to Denver or other municipalities. Since it’s taxed differently, moving recreation sales to medical sales would impact the city’s bottom line.

It’s unclear what the future of medical marijuana across the state will be or should be. There are anecdotal reports that the cost and trouble of getting a medical marijuana card aren’t worth it. The number of active medical marijuana cards has decreased by more than 20,000 since 2011, to about 90,000, and they’ve decreased steadily over the last four years.

It’s easy to make an argument that under recreational marijuana guidelines, and with the nation moving steadily closer to ending prohibition, the medical marijuana system is superfluous.

For now, however, these referenda would permit the city to create a system, which still would have to come before voters for approval.

Vote yes without worry.