QUIDNUNC: Election-cution for everyone


QUID HAS HEARD that nothing is sacred any more. Seems the New England Journal of Medicine is warning folks that the normally wholesome business of getting a tattoo has joined the ranks of succumbing to bad cantaloupe and orange juice. The doctorly rag has warned folks there a rash of tattoo rashes going around, including here in Colorado. These are the normal rashes that tattoo victims get from artists using dirty needles or other unsanitary conditions. These rashes are being caused by common bacteria in water used to mix the ink. Ask your tattooer to use only sterile water, docs say.

AND QUID HAS HEARD that close votes will be even closer in Aurora this year, thanks to Colorado Secretary of State Scott Gessler. Seems the relatively new guy insists that about 4,000 registered voters aren’t U.S. citizens. He mailed letters to all of them, asking them to un-register to vote, however one does such a thing. Gessler said some of those registrants showed Green Cards as IDs when getting a state driver’s license. Critics say they’re all kinds or problems with Gessler’s vote hunt. Regardless, a whopping 823 of these suspect voters list Arapahoe County as their home, and almost 400 more live in Adams County. It’s not much of a leap to guess that many, maybe most, maybe all of these mystery voters live right here in the state’s third-largest city. If Gessler blocks their vote, you can bet that Tom Tancredo, king of the anti-immigrant grumps, could have a chance at running for office again.

QUID WONDERS if local politicians have joined the ranks of U.S. Olympians in signing deals with mega-workout chain 24 Hour Fitness. In recent weeks, it’s been a who’s who of Aurora politicians sweatin’ like an oldie within the gym’s four walls. Down south, at the Parker and Arapahoe location, U.S. Rep. Mike Coffman is a frequent flier around that gym’s indoor track. Up north at the Lowry location — in, ahem, Denver — former mayor Ed Tauer can be found bench pressing (nearly) Volkswagens in his retired state. It may be paying off for Tauer, who was term-limited in office, as the former mayor of Aurora has noticeably shed a few pounds.

QUID HAS HEARD that candidate Joe Coors has released a poll conducted by his office that shows him winning CD-7 by nearly 10 points in November’s upcoming election. Coors has declined to talk about who he asked, when he asked, or if he asked anyone outside his office, but it’s pretty clear that Joe “Not a beer” Coors is also “Not a legitimate polling source” either.