QUIDNUNC: Cardboard Cory trumps Grumpacrats, Noe retires into a Colorado sunset, and 27 reasons to talk city politics


QUID HAS HEARD that there are few things less satisfying than getting what you want. Seems that for months and months, Democrats, and anyone else who tenses every time they see and hear Smilin’ Senator Cory Gardner, have wanted to get him in a public forum. Critics of the guy that stole the job of liberal darling Mark Udall have dreamed of getting Hugo’s brightest guy in a verbal full nelson on stage where they can live broadcast the Senator’s infamous non-answers, mis-directions and stunning hair. After months of Cardboard Cory memes and dogging Gardner for floppity flipping and florbatrumbling his votes on Obamacare, he was theirs for the easy pickings on Tuesday. Instead, Gardner critics devolved into junior-high-school twerps, making the senator look like the patient patron saint of disgruntled grand-standers and goofy grumblers. “You Suck,” hardly wins over public sentiment or political foes. In the end, it was Gardner: 3; whiny Grumpacrats: 0. Careful what you wish for. And the wishing well gave it up this week, too,  for those on the Aurora City Council who just haven’t been able to say enough bad about City Manager Skip Noe. The city’s top administrative dog has for months been the punching bag for a handful of city lawmakers who swear that Noe has said mean things to them, and treated them like children or petulant and privileged city lawmakers. Noe has remained, however, because the rest of the city council swears that Noe is a great guy doing a great job. The difference of opinion has ended friendships and, sometimes, long boring meetings. But the side that just wishes Noe would go away got their wish this week. He announced he’s retiring, on his own terms. Salivating over being able to hear hacks around here collect all the goodies from Noe’s foes, your affiant was devastated to overhear nothing but long pauses and simpering crickets. Now’s not the time to be shy. Operators are standing by here for whatever anyone wants to unload.

AND QUID HAS HEARD that the list is shorter of those who are not running for Aurora City Council this year than those who are. A whopping 27 people have so far thrown their hats and reputations into the ring for the gristly scribes at this rag, and yours truly, to pick at. Week after week, the sacred 11 souls who decide everything closest to your home and pot stash pretty much do so in silence as the audience never comes to city council meetings. But now — now 27 people want to talk city politics? Quid surmises that Aurora has finally arrived that so many want so badly to decide who the next city manager won’t be.