QUIDNUNC: Aurora Sentinel endorses Colorado Springs Gazette for State Unidorser


QUID HAS HEARD that since the esteemed editorial board of the Colorado Springs Gazette knows what’s best for Aurora, they’ll know for sure that Democrat Misty Plowright is head and shoulders above their current GOP Congressman Doug Lamborn — and just the right-left choice for their readers. Seems the fiery GT (and old dogs like Quid still refer to the venerable Gazette Telegraph kitty litter liner that way)  op-ed page — which makes its reporters grimace and the rest of the state chuckle — suddenly endorsed Aurora Congressman Mike Coffman for the 6th Congressional Race, which has nothing to do with Colorado Springs. Quid wondered what Aurora Democrat challenger state Sen. Morgan Carroll might have said during her endorsement interview to sway the Pike’s Peak fishwrapper the wrong way, but Quid hears there was no talk. The GT, in its statewide wisdom, just knows that what Aurora needs is Coffman’s military voice in Congress, because Colorado doesn’t get that from the likes of other Congressman, like Lamborn. Well they sure will from Misty, who’s an Army vet and a passionate Southern Baptist. Who needs Lame-ol’ Lamborn when you can have it all, and the GT knows that representation of the few, the downtrodden and the Marines is critical in Congress. That’s where Misty really shines: as a transgender woman, a vet and a hard worker who also fights valiantly for the LGBTQ community. While Quid couldn’t get the editorial ink-writers for this pathetic Aurora rag to play ball, Quid insists to our El Paso County neighbors that what’s good for Aurora is even better for the Springs. Even though GT endorsement hacks didn’t need to talk with Carroll to know Coffman is the choice for us, Quid just knows they’ll be listening closely to Misty when it’s her turn in their hot seat. There’s no doubt about it after GT opining hacks spanked, (ouch) spanked (ack) and spanked again (yowee) the Denver Post in a pursed-lip editorial for daring to question the questionable rememberies of Colorado Springs GOP candidate for U.S. Senate Darryl Glenn a few weeks back. No skeptical reporters at the GT, it would seem. No doubt they’ll listen closely, too, to Denver Dem Diva Dianna DeGette before just knowing that her GOP challenger, whom Quid and others just can’t recall, is the best choice for Denver voters. And Quid doesn’t even have to wonder about the GT wisdom for Boulder, just wonder about what little lamb the GOP got on the ballot up there this year. And in Quid’s usual spirit of generosity, there is but one headline for the GT when the CD 5 race endorsement comes up: Get Misty for the Springs!