PERRY: Trump sacrifices DACA ‘Dreamer’ kids because he loves them so


Tuesday’s Fox News headline about President Donald Trump’s decision to end the Obama-era mercy order for American-raised undocumented immigrants sums up just about everything these days.

“Trump has ‘great love’ for Dreamers, but says he’ll put ‘hardworking citizens’ first,” it read.

“Dreamers” refers to children brought here illegally and raised like citizens. Former President Barack Obama, unable to get the GOP-led congress to act on immigration reform, created the so-called DACA order — Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.

“Fox News” refers to Trump’s propaganda organ that feeds a seemingly endless line of bull to a brainwashed herd of Americans who either quit thinking for themselves or quit thinking altogether.

The DACA flip-flop is just another gut punch to the nation by an administration catering to bigoted, fearful Americans emboldened and empowered by fierce anti-immigrant commandos such as Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Like the headline, Trump’s wink to anti-immigrant zealots reveals to thinking Americans just how cruel and vapid Trump and his cheering clan truly are.

It implies that a sycophant president — who just can’t stop himself from pandering to the country’s racists and bigots — so loves the little Mexican children that he’s willing to sacrifice them to tea-party bigots in order to save them.

His reasoning is that those children, all but born here and raised like all the rest of us, aren’t Americans. His reasoning is that these so-called Dreamers are stealing jobs and lord only knows what else from “real” Americans and must be stopped, despite Trump’s great “heart” for the little bastard citizens. They aren’t like “hardworking Americans.”

It’s impossible to decide whether Trump and the vicious, lying team of bigots he’s assembled in the White House are more vacuous and despicable than the “real” Americans who cheer on one of the worst things ever to happen to all Americans: him.

The headline and Trump’s usual edict-by-cackling-tweet reveal a man and a country gone off the rails of reason and reality.

A real leader would man-up and defend his position, no matter how hateful and illogical it really is. Instead, Trump sells the line of twaddle that he really loves the illegal folks raised here and now working to make the country and their lives better. But you can’t run a country by edict like Obama did. Instead, we should be running an autocracy like Trump is.

Thankfully, the polls show that a vast majority of Americans long ago stopped giving Trump and his minions the benefit of the doubt. It’s all doubt all the time now. Most Americans immediately recognize Trump’s self-indulgent bull crap and reject it for what it is.

The hidden lining there is that recalcitrant Republican lawmakers smell disaster in the polls and will now do anything just to keep their jobs. They have newfound temerity to push back against America’s little banana-Republican dictator.

It’s easy to see through Trump’s flailing toddler mentality on this one. He keeps his dwindling base happy by kicking Mexican kids to the curb. Congress acts on DACA, because anything else is so stupid even spineless Republicans like Speaker Paul Ryan can see their dear careers in the headlights. Then Trump will say, “Folks, you’re welcome. It took my bravery to risk the little Mexican niños I love so to help them become real Americans. Now let’s deport their job-stealing mommies and daddies.”

So we just forget more than 200 years of American ingenuity, tenacity and magnanimity, and it all goes up in smoke because of this one little despot in time? No. Keep pushing back. Hit Trump where it counts, right in the polls. Tell every elected member of Congress to counter El Whacko’s craziness with legislation, or you’ll send someone there to do the job next year.

While I think impeachment should have started the day he said he so loved Hillary Clinton that he fired his only FBI Director James Comey to save her, now would be a good time to rid America of this inexplicable scourge. And for God’s sake, quit thinking you’re getting real Trump news on Fox.

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