PERRY: Mueller answers the Nixon question for our generation: ‘Their president is a crook’


After an excruciating investigation, Americans found out yesterday, for the second time in modern history, that their president, is indeed, “a crook.”

Disgraced President Richard Nixon famously asked that question in 1973 as his own presidency was being probed for criminal behavior in the Watergate scandal.

Thursday, an extraordinary special investigation by former FBI Director Robert Mueller answered that question again, this time about President Donald Trump. The answer Americans have long waiting for is that Trump is a liar, a fraud and criminal.

The worst of it for America is that not one of those things is surprising in any way.

The Mueller Report lays out in undeniable detail how Trump methodically and relentlessly worked to have his staff and members of his cabinet obstruct the investigation. The report makes it unmistakable how Trump, personally, tried desperately to obstruct the FBI investigation into whether he, his family or his campaign criminally colluded with Russians or simply sidled up to them in hopes of good fortune for a presidential win.

Almost as vile as Trump’s calculating and repugnant criminal behavior as president is the ludicrous propaganda his allies have unleashed in a clear attempt to contain the political damage Trump has wrought upon himself and Republicans.

Worst among them was Colorado’s own Congressman Ken Buck, who now leads this state’s Republican Party.

“After a thorough two-year investigation in which over $25 million in taxpayer funds were spent, today’s release once again shows that there was no collusion by the President or members of his staff,” Buck said in a statement. “These baseless accusations were simply partisan lies used by Democrats and the press to attempt to discredit the President and his agenda. It’s time for Democrats to give up this futile effort, and start focusing on the real issues our nation faces.”

The accusations of collusion were never baseless, nor were they completely unfounded. In the eyes of prosecutors looking for a conviction, the treasonous and villainous deeds committed by Trump, his family and cohorts were not prosecutable.

The Mueller report highlights numerous suspect and unethical connections between the Trump campaign and the Russian government.

Just as important, however, is how Trump clearly violated the letter and the spirit of the law in his endless attempt to derail a criminal investigation into his malignant behavior and that of those whom he controls.

Democrats are not the distraction. Trump’s criminal conduct as president is.

Anyone who doubts Trump’s criminal and bent deeds has only to read the Mueller Report for themselves to see that irrefutable evidence exists to try and convict Trump in an impeachment trial now or a criminal trial after his presidency ends.

Trump, for the sake of the nation, the office of the president and his own political party, should answer this second infamous question the same way Nixon did: Resign.

Setting aside his criminality in the case of obstruction, his malfeasance and malevolence on every other level has made clear he is unsuitable to hold any public office, especially the nation’s top one.

To simply pretend that Trump never committed the catalog of criminal and warped offenses inventoried in the Mueller Report is unrealistic and unwise. Allowing Trump to defile the law, his office and American politics as he has done only ensures there will be more like him in the future.

No more.

Americans must make it unequivocal we are not a nation of felons and abettors, and we will not tolerate them in elected office.

Only Congress can now decide which is the best way to get Trump out. The options are impeachment, pressuring Republicans to force Trump to resign, or sweeping Trump from office during the next election.

Trump, now infamously having said how this was the “end of my presidency,” actually ceded his presidency to his own crimes and corruption long ago. What happens next will simply be a formality.

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