PERRY: America must stop Trump from coddling white supremacists, pardoning racists and bullying the nation


It’s worse than you thought.

For many Americans, Donald Trump’s presidency is an endless exercise in denial. Americans tell themselves that he can’t really be that crass, that stupid, that racist, that immature, that corrupt, that perverted, that treasonous or that wretched of human being.

Just ask yourself, do you think Trump is lying to racists when he publicly says racism is bad, or is he lying to most of America when he first says there are “fine people” among white supremacists and then pardons a notorious racist like Sheriff Joe Arpaio?

As if Trump’s campaign wasn’t proof enough, his first few months as president made it unequivocal that Trump is exactly what his critics feared. The past two weeks have made clear to everyone what Trump wants to accomplish as president. The past few days, however, have only served as a call to action.

In less than a week, Trump lied publicly and repeatedly about cuddling up to white supremacists after the Charlottesville racism march. He said he would shut down the U.S. government if Congress doesn’t give him billions to build his infamous Mexican border wall that U.S. taxpayers now must fund. He upended Pentagon consensus by forbidding valuable transgender Americans from serving in the military. He lied repeatedly about how the American media misreports his lies and blunders. He lauded the disgraced and ousted racist Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who has provenly sought to seek out Latinos and torture them in makeshift jails as part of his effort to purge illegal immigrants. And Trump finished off his week signaling that he will further cement his allegiance to white nationalists and racists by ending the country’s DACA deportation exceptions for undocumented children raised in the United States.

It’s weeks like this that make Trump’s increasingly likely treasonous relationship with Russia and the related obstruction of justice issues seem like not so big a deal.

This week made clear that the remainder of Trump’s presidency will be a bitter cold war, pitting Democrats, independents and several flavors of Republicans against him and his groupies that either wade or swim deep into fascism and bigotry.

It’s them or us, America, and there are a lot more of us than there are white supremacists, white nationalists, fascists and raging bigots.

The important thing to understand is that this isn’t your imagination, fake news or the machinations of a scorned media. This is real and dangerous. History will be brutally unkind to Trump, his minions and sycophants, just as it has been to the likes of Joe McCarthy, George Wallace and Fred Phelps. But we can’t wait for history, or for history to repeat itself. We must act now to prevent Trump from legitimizing white supremacy and bigotry. This is where America must draw the line with Trump.

You’re not confused. The President really did say that anti-racism protesters were also to blame for the ugliness of hordes of torch-carrying members of the KKK, white nationalists, white supremacists and other assorted bigots and creeps. Dressed disarmingly like preppy white lads, they comically carried Tiki torches and chanted things like, “Jews will not replace us.” Video of one of the organizers of the march passionately raged about saving that “beautiful girl” Ivanka Trump, stolen by a Jew. They chanted that the streets in America are “our streets.”

No, they’re not, even if the president winks at all the “fine” young racists marching in the country.

There is no room for error, no gray margins, when it comes to racism. There are no good white supremacists. Good people do not hate Jews because they are Jews. They do not wrongly believe they are biologically better nor more entitled than blacks or Latinos. They don’t think homosexuals are diseased.

Decent Americans understand the loaded insult to everyone when they ask why “white pride” is bad when “gay pride” and “black pride” are good.

For generations, Americans have focused on messages of equality, respect and dignity. We’ve been at this since Nazi Germany tried to convince the world there are acceptable levels of racism.

That niggling voice in the back of your head that wonders whether this really could lead to another Holocaust, an ethnic cleansing? Listen to it. You’re right to be alarmed that Trump legitimizes white supremacy by bashing it one day and embracing racists like Arpaio and Ted Nugent the next. You know exactly what he’s doing and how his cohorts twist logic and decency to defend it. If the Trump administration’s lying won’t stop, America has to find a way through it.

It’s time to act. There are few members of Congress from either party who want to see Trump bolster white supremacy, white nationalism, racism and bigotry. They have to either be compelled or commanded to act together. The power of a bi-partisan, veto-proof Congress would be formidable.

As president, Trump will continue to do real damage to the country, but a veto-proof Congress can minimize it until he either resigns, is impeached or, in a worse-case scenario, held at bay until he is replaced in 2020.

It depends on regular Americans like you demanding that your congressman or senator work across the aisle to stop Trump from covertly promoting racism and white supremacy. There can no longer be politically expedient wrist slapping over pardoning unrepentant racists or lying about his disapproval of white supremacy.

If your congressman or senator won’t oblige you, replace him or her next year with someone who will before even more damage is done.

Each day, another respected Democrat, Republican or political atheist calls out Trump’s lying, incompetence, poor judgment, immaturity and mental instability. While it seems wise not to ignore those liabilities, America must draw the line with permitting white supremacy, antisemitism and white nationalism to creep back into the country with the White House as the catalyst.

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