LETTER: Voting YES for ColoradoCare says humans, like farm animals, deserve care


The U.S. Constitution, Social Security, Medicare, and Civil Rights laws were pivotal new visions of what could be – what should be – democratically, ethically.

ColoradoCare (text at http://www.coloradocare.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/amendment-reformatted12.27.15.pdf), based on financially-proven Medicare, is a revolutionary leap forward in how we define human beings. It’s already changing the conversation.

We have said “Do you have money? – then you get healthcare.”

With universal healthcare we’ll say “Are you a human being? – then you get healthcare.”

Should healthcare be about PROFIT? Profit can only be extracted if a resource is made scarce. If it’s freely available to all, the cost drops.

I am shocked how shamelessly the profit-based insurance industry’s hacks (“Coloradans for Coloradans” website, 99% industry-funded; TV ads; heavily financed politicians) spin lies about ColoradoCare.

But I shouldn’t be, given industry’s long track record of falsehood, price-gouging, rate-hiking, claim-denying, and compassionless dictatorship.

Get the myth-busting facts: http://www.coloradocare.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/Green-Booklet-5_5_16.pdf.