LOPEZ: Do not disarm America with gun control


I have deep compassion toward the victims of these recent tragedies, if I were present, I would surely use my gun in defense of those innocent men, women and children, and if necessary, i would give my life for them.

I read the article from Tina Dupuy in the June 19 – 25 edition of the Aurora Sentinel. As a man coming from a family of military, I am absolutely outraged with the insults directed towards the Militia and gun owners in general. not to mention the lack of understanding when it comes to the term “well regulated.” first off, i would like to clarify that the Militia is composed of every able bodied male between the ages of 18 and 45. the Militia Efficiency Act of 1903 did not, by any means, replace the ordinary citizen militia with the national guard. the national guard is merely an extension of the militia. the 2nd amendment was intended as a check and balance against government power. its there so that We The People can defend and uphold the US Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic.

This includes Insurrections (criminals included), foreign invasions (our military is not unbeatable), and a tyrannical government (which is always possible). A good example of our 2nd amendment being used to combat tyranny can be found in the battle of Athens. a lost piece of american history that almost no one knows about. if you take away, or restrict the 2nd Amendment, you off set the balance of power toward the government which has been proven by history, that it will inevitably lead to Genocide and Oppression.

If we read the entire 2nd amendment, at the end, it clearly says shall not be infringed. infringe, both during the founding of our nation and in modern days, means to limit or undermine. so anything that limits or undermines the ability of the Militia, which is every able bodied male citizen between the ages of 18 and 45, to defend against all enemies foreign and domestic, is indeed an infringement. So its only logical that we have the same weapons as the average infantry man in the military has. the term “well regulated” did not imply restriction, otherwise the term “shall not be infringed” would not be apart of the 2nd amendment. the term “well regulated” meant well supplied and organized.

The only gun control law that is not an infringement is background checks. it is absolutely insane to think that disarming yourself in the face of an enemy will bring peace. This is simply not the case. Criminals will always get their guns, whether they steal them from law enforcement, or smuggled them in from across the border, they will have their weapons. Last time i checked, a majority of the places that these mass shooting happened is in Gun Free Zones, which makes it illegal to bring a gun into these zones and murder innocent people. did that stop these lunatics from committing their carnage? no. California, New York, DC and Illinois all have the strictest gun control laws in the nation, yet they have the most gun related crime in the nation. while in states that have the least restrictive gun control laws have the least amount of gun related crime. this is a statistical fact. Also, our murder rate has indeed gone down since 1990. anyone capable of 15 minutes of research can find this out. mass murders only account for about 1 or 2 percent of all firearm related homicides, while gang related homicide account for about 65 percent of firearm related homicide.

There used to be a time in this country that you could purchase a fully automatic weapon from the hardware store for about 15 dollars. back in those days, the ROTC programs in schools had shooting competitions. there wasnt hardly any, if any, mass shootings back then, so what changed? surely not the weapons, over the years its been harder to get weapons. it has everything to do with morals, values and principles.

The culture of today teaches that you are only respected, if you are feared. back in the day, the culture was you were respected if you were moral and responsible. As for not knowing who’s shooting who and friendly fire, its all about training. training the mind and body. being able to recognize threats, and potential threats, as well as allies. Training is the key to eliminating confusion and panic. Training centers, funded and supported by the government, ought to be in every state for law abiding citizens to attend.  not only would firearm related accidents happen less often, people would be able to spot threats, and know friend from foe. our government funds and arms extremest groups all the time, so why would funding, arming and training American Militia even be a question? it can only be good and it adds to our national defense. there is no front more important than the home front. Mexico banned private ownership of firearms quite a while ago. Yet, their gun crime rate is higher than our own.

There’s a shootout every other day between the cartels and law enforcement. these criminals have Ex-Mexican special forces as their leaders, so they know where to raid to get their guns and ammo. its gotten to a point where rural communities and even some groups in their cities are beginning to ignore the laws and arm themselves so they can defend themselves against the cartels, and its working. criminals will be criminals, they make a living from breaking the law. if prohibition ever worked, then there would be no drugs, cigarettes, or alcohol in this country. but there is, in fact, when prohibition began, it created people like Al Capone. when you ban anything, it creates a new commodity for criminals to smuggle. Please don’t compare the US to Britain. we have two very different cultures and problems.

Britain is an island composed of about 60 million people. our country spans about a third of the north american continent with a population of about 320 million people. Due to our population and the fact we have two borders, we will have more crime in general regardless of laws. with that said, substances such as LSD were created by the government. how did they end up on the streets? during the cold war, the government lost two nuclear bombs somewhere along the east coast, only one of those bombs were found. so apparently, the government is too competent and can barely keep up with the thousands of laws and regulations we already have.

So why would anyone think they can keep up with another law? without our 2nd amendment, we would have been invaded by the Japanese. but it was because our country had so many guns in the hands of citizens, the the imperialist didn’t invade. this is a fact. today, we have a wide open border with many violent criminals coming into our country, we have high tensions with Russia and China due to Ukraine and Japan, and our military is spread thin due to the fact we have over 900 bases in about 130 countries. we can learn from Korea, Vietnam. Iraq and Afghanistan, that we are not at all unbeatable. Our 2nd amendment is absolutely relevant to modern times, because our world has only gotten more dangerous. Due to global terrorism, an attack can happen anywhere, at any time.

Even iraq, due to the ISIS threat, has seen the benefit of an armed citizenry. they are calling upon their population to take up arms because their military alone, can not defeat the Islamic extremists. Our military alone, can not take on Russia and China. These two countries poses the biggest threat to our nation due to our economic dependence on their manufacturing industry. China and Russia are actively and openly, becoming independent from our economy. China alone has 230 million infantry men, and Russia has technology equal to our own (some would speculate that they may even be superior). if they teamed up, and it seems as though they are, our military and technology wouldn’t stand a chance. with China and Russia being more aggressive, one can safely assume that they have some kind of economic bomb that they are itching to use.

We need to be ready, if we repeal or limit our second amendment, we only diminish our national security and effectively destroy america and everything we stood for.

Joey D. Lopez