RE: Xcel trouble


EDITOR: Two nights ago we had a power outage in my area that lasted from 9 p.m. until 2:30 a.m. This was the hottest night of the year, so far. I called Xcel the next morning for an explanation. The young lady I talked to (somewhere in Texas or Minnesota) stated that there had been an overload. My daughter who lives a few blocks from me apparently did not have an overload because her power was not interrupted. About a week ago I lost my electricity for three hours early in the morning. Since the new summer rates were installed a couple of years ago, my electric bill has doubled, even though we have cut our usage by about 30 percent. I can no longer keep my back yard lighted to keep the skunks and raccoons away. I use my air conditioning sparingly because the cost is prohibitive. I have lived in Aurora for 60 years and this is the first time I had a power outage that lasted all night. I told my 79-year-old wife that we are going to have to put up an outside clothesline to dry clothes as we will not be able to afford the electric dryer much longer. Now she is talking about divorce. I have come to one conclusion: I cannot afford Bill Ritter’s clean energy economy. When we relied on coal for the majority of our electricity, senior citizens could afford to be comfortable and use their air conditioning and heat their houses to a comfortable level. Those days are fading. When Al Gore lost the 2000 race for president I guess he decided to get revenge and embarked on his global warming crusade and neither the country nor Colorado will be the same, now Bill Ritter has joined him.

James Berg