LETTER: Don’t kill the theater, too



I have a few positions to take concerning the Century 16 theater massacre, since I know personally or have connections to several of the people who were in theaters 8 and 9 who are, fortunately, still alive.

First, we need to stand up for our neighborhood theater, and not let that evil man’s actions scare us away from it.  My family and I were greeted by one of the victims of the Chuck E. Cheese’s murders just a few days before that heinous attack – that restaurant never reopened.  We can’t let that happen to the Century 16.

Second, in the days of reporting I have watched, I am sick of hearing the detailed descriptions of the firearms the shooter used, and how and where he bought them, in a straightforward attempt to further the media’s anti-gun bias.  They ignore the fact that he had the right to buy every gun he owned, because he had not committed a crime, and did not until Friday morning.  His choice to commit mass murder is not a license to attack a guaranteed Constitutional right.

Lastly, though I love the Century Theater, I have heard that it may be one of the many places around the country sucked into the politically correct nonsense of “gun-free zones.”  If this is true, then the innocent people who went to see a movie were sitting ducks rendered defenseless by a stupid policy, because the shooter didn’t care about their policy!  I realize that the dark, noisy, crowded conditions inside the theater would have made it more difficult, but try to imagine a different outcome if even one person with a concealed carry permit had been armed and ready.

I weep with my city, but as the vigil speakers said, we are Aurora, and we are strong – we will carry on!


Jim Kiel