LETTER: Trump’s behavior and supporters make me ashamed of my fellow conservatives



I’m just ashamed of the Republican Party and conservative leadership. As a moderate leaning conservative myself, it leaves me absolutely speechless that the conservative leadership and elected officials still have the face and dignity to support Trump after all damning and damaging information in the last 6-9 months.

Particularly after the Hollywood access video, I am befuddled. I certainly thought at the very least that conservatives in our country would have abandoned Trump, but instead they chose to keep supporting him, out of fear of losing their political seats — instead of standing on the principles of their party!

Not to mention how all of this goes against the principles of our country! Now, with these latest email exchanges with Trump Jr., it’s in clear black and white! Shows interest in “damning information on Clinton” from obvious Russian sources which Trump Jr. actually ends up in a meeting with, which turned out to be what he claims is “nothing.”

Trump senior campaign officials had an actual meeting with Russians on exactly how to hurt Clinton in the election. If this isn’t the definition of collusion, then God help us all.

 As for the Republican and conservative leaders, they again are silent. They’re hoping this will blow over like all the numerous damning and immoral disclosures that have dropped before. I will remind all Republicans and conservative politicians, elected officials and supporters: history never forgets what you did. How you did it. Nor what you did about it. You have become apart of the problem like the establishment types of the Democratic Party

Holding to history and tradition in hopes that things will always stay the same and safe. Like your seats. Safe. As an American born and raised here, and I paid for myself through college while I helped run my parents’ small business. As a moderate leaning conservative, those of you who have stayed quite should be ashamed of themselves and should stop calling yourselves conservative! Conservatism is innocent of you and Trump. You had eight years to find someone to lead the country, and the best thing you could come up with was Trump!? I may not agree with all Democratic Party values, but I’ll chose a Democratic candidate any day now from now on! After this, what a shame. Don’t take me wrong, Democrats have their cross to bare, too. I’m just ashamed. What happened to being American first? #disappointed #Americanfirst

Obeid Kaifo, Aurora

Kaifo in an American-born Muslim whose family immigrated from Syria. He grew up in Aurora and his family owns a restaurant in Denver. Kaifo is on the board of the National Syrian American Council. He is also president of the Syrian American Council, Colorado Chapter.