LETTER: Why I love teaching


DEAR EDITOR: I believe that I have a natural calling to teach, inspire and motivate. I love sharing knowledge. I have always had a strong desire to share ideas, communicate concepts as well as promote unity, teamwork and togetherness with those around me. I love to teach because I get to impart knowledge, inspire children, and have a part in their progress.  Teachers teach to influence children, and see their progress develop over time.  As a teacher I have a unique opportunity to inspire children to be all that they can be.

One of the best moments for me as a teacher is observing struggling students mastering concepts that have been tough for them to grasp. Since I have a strong belief that all students can learn, I stick with a student working with them on a concept until they get it. I demonstrate and give the student a chance to practice multiple different ways of working through the concept to mastery. I do not give up on the child because I believe that he can do it and I let the students know this was well. What an exciting experience it is to see the struggling students grasp mastery of a concept!

— Bridget Allison, Aurora, via [email protected]lorado.com