LETTER: There are worse things in this world than measles


DEAR EDITOR: A recent reprint in the Gazette from the Sentinel regarding measles vaccine was not balanced or well researched. Should we make health decisions based on journalism? People rarely die of measles. There was a time when parents would have measles parties to deliberately expose their children via natural immunity. The word “measly” is defined now as “contemptibly small,” the older definition was “small or trivial.” Studies have shown that children that have had measles are less likely to get worse diseases in adulthood. So it seems that catching the wild measles virus is a type of blanket immunity.

During the 2015 measles outbreak in California, 38 percent of the cases were vaccine reactions, not wild caught measles. A study in Korea showed that measles vaccine actually increased susceptibility. Other countries including Canada and Australia have made similar findings.

Drug manufacturers are not content with selling sickness (omnipresent drug ads on TV) they profit handsomely from selling “wellness” as they are immune to liability, due to “National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program” (AKA Vaccine Court).

What’s worse than measles is forced vaccination. A person’s right to refuse what is put into their own body, or their child’s body is fundamental. Anything else smacks of totalitarianism. Hitler, and Stalin both were perfectly comfortable with the concept. We are living the Orwellian nightmare, those who raise legitimate questions are censored, and ridiculed. What’s next?

— June Heimsoth, Colorado Springs, via [email protected]