LETTER: Thanks to Sentinel Colorado for supporting stronger gun laws



Thank you for your editorial supporting stronger gun laws in Colorado (1/3/2019). The NRA, under scrutiny for its radical gun positions and for alleged partnerships with Russian oligarchs, is losing its grip on elected officials. Here in Colorado, not one of the candidates financially supported by the NRA or the Rocky Mountain Gun Owners won election in November. Colorado voters — including many gun owners — want common sense gun laws, and it’s now up to the Democratic legislature to pass them.

The legislation we support includes bills would keep guns out of the hands of those who are a danger to themselves or others; those who have been arrested for violent misdemeanors; and thieves who target commercial and private gun owners.

These laws could markedly reduce gun violence in our state and better protect our citizens and public safety officers as well as schoolchildren, so many of whom have been traumatized by school shootings and lockdowns.

— Eileen McCarron, Colorado Ceasefire Legislative Action, via [email protected]