LETTER: About that migrant caravan


Dear Editor: There are apparently a lot of Central Americans approaching the US southern border.  I don’t understand why this is happening.  The Cubans haven’t done it except briefly around 1980, and that was represented here as Cuban aggression.

I suspect this current migration is somehow motivated by Mr. Trump.  It’s another dumpster fire set to distract from his legal woes.

Trump is without personal or professional ethics.  I don’t think anybody, even Mitch McConnell, disputes that.

If you had a staff member whom you knew was stealing from you, would you slap that person in front of everyone else and send them back to work?  Possibly you’d figure  if they’re dirty enough, then they must either be cleaned up or else sent packing.  An angry and humiliated employee causes a stream of problems, such as the US is currently experiencing.  (I know these problems matter a lot to the people directly affected.)

So will this continue for at least two more years?  I understand 800,000 American hostages are fighting for a border wall whether or not they like it.  And we used to have a saying “In a system at equilibrium any change will have a short-term effect opposite the long-term affect.”  So boosting the national debt by a trillion dollars per year looks like prosperity.  Egad.  It’s frustrating.  Where do “the base” think that trillion’s going?

Is it even possible the new light rail works poorly because of crossing gates??  I’m SURE that problem was solved a hundred years ago.  But I imagine graft everywhere.

I prefer the weather warm and dry.  So I don’t want to be seen as a complainer.

— George Meitzner, via [email protected]