ENDORSEMENT: As Rep. Jovan Melton’s campaign implodes, Lynn Myers becomes the clear choice for HD 41


Aurora state Rep. Jovan Melton is in the final process of destroying his political career as he mishandles a recent, 11th-hour scandal focusing on two domestic-violence-related charges from several years ago.

Melton is running for his fourth term in representing House District 41.

The cases themselves are complicated and could arguably have been the wrong and overblown actions of a young man who has since regretted the incidents, becoming remorseful and reformed.

But the way he handled the scandal after being outed by local media for two previously undisclosed police reports have justified calls from his Democratic peers and this newspaper to resign his post.

He refuses. At least that’s what voters can gather from Melton’s Facebook posts about the scandal, which is the only official word he’s released.

He won’t return calls to the Sentinel to explain what happened and why he thinks voters should overlook or disregard the serious allegations.

The state House contest is made all the more complicated because the Republican candidate originally running against Melton, Dahlia Weinstein, dropped out of the race last month, well after the ballots had been set and printed.

While confusing, voters have a far better choice than selecting Melton or doing nothing at all. Former Arapahoe County Commissioner Lynn Myers is the Republican now running for the state House District 41 seat, even though her name doesn’t appear on the ballot.

Myers is well-known community activist and strong Aurora proponent who could easily have given Melton serious competition for the seat had she been the candidate from last June.

Myers had been tabbed by a vacancy committee last week before the Melton scandal broke. Her campaign to get her name in front of voters is now in high gear.

Myers has long been respected by local Democrats and Republicans alike for being a Republican moderate faithful first to causes and principals, rather than party.

By her own admission, she’s a Republican in the style of former area GOP state lawmakers Elsie Lacy, Paul Schauer and Gary McPherson, a welcome respite from other partisan extremists making life difficult for everybody in Colorado.

A longtime Realtor and now economic developer for the southeast Aurora region, Myers says her commitment is to transparency and communication with constituents. It’s something she was provably faithful to as county commissioner for eight years.

She said her two terms on that board and deep knowledge of water policy and infrastructure needs would serve constituents and state residents well.

Like other true, Republican moderates, she wants to see state abortion rights laws left as they are, and she’s a strong proponent of shoring up public schools — ensuring money gets to the classrooms.

On issues of gun control, she says she appreciates what fellow local lawmakers like Arapahoe County Sheriff Dave Walcher and GOP south Aurora state Rep. Cole Wist have brought to the table in regards to that issue: common sense and compromise.

Myers was a strong, independent voice on the Arapahoe County commission, we have no doubt she would be the same independent proponent for Aurora as a House representative. Myers is the obvious choice for House District 41.

Because ballots were already printed, electors must choose Dahlia Weinstein, who Myers has succeeded via a vacancy committee. Don’t write Myers in on the ballot, just vote for Dahlia Weinstein from your ballot.