EDITORIAL: Muslim travel ban 2.0 presents more of the same dangers, insults to Americans and immigrants


President Donald Trump offered more of the same illogical and ineffective restrictions on travel, immigration and refugees from troubled Muslim nations, increasing doubt on his administration’s ability to lead the country out of our immigration quagmire.

Trump on Monday morning signed a revised version of his hasty and disastrous January travel and immigration ban. Travel Ban 2.0 excludes flagrantly unconstitutional and chaotic orders that wreaked havoc with Americans as well as foreigners. This ban, again focusing only on nations with Muslim majorities, suspends travel and immigration for refugees and others from Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen for 90 days. Refugees will be banned for 120 days.

The new orders hearken back to Trump’s bent campaign promise to block Muslims from entering the country. He and his administration have since said both of the bans do not target Muslims, comments that have rightfully drawn scorn on the White House and branded Trump and key aides as outright liars.

We leave it to Americans to draw their own conclusions, again, on that matter, seeing how this ban tries to make good on Trump’s bigoted campaign rhetoric and pander to his supporters.

Travel Ban Version 2.0 only serves to insult Muslim Americans, and Muslims all over the world, and further inflame psychologically unstable and bigoted Americans who increasingly target all kinds of minorities for violence and bullying. Logically, there’s nothing in it that would make Americans any safer than they are.

Muslim travel ban Version 2.0 is just as purposely offensive and dangerous to Americans as was its illegal predecessor.

The ban presents grave danger to Americans in numerous ways. Foremost, it provides fast, free and easy marketing to ISIS and other terrorist groups to recruit those compelled to violence by the message that America hates Islam and Muslims. Endless experts from several administrations and others have made that argument clear.

But the ban also endangers all Americans because it ignores the fact that the worst and most common terrorist attacks were perpetrated by terrorists who came from nations other than the six being singled out. While the president erroneously states that the ban is needed to review risky travel and immigration rules and vetting procedures, the administration has yet to show any evidence that a suspension is warranted. The ban appeals to the irrational fears and emotions of the ignorant, the Islamaphobic and the bigoted, projecting an image of security and leadership. The move only illustrates how the chorus of warnings of almost every newspaper in the country now ring true: Trump and his administration are incompetent on this issue and are a danger to national security, constitutional rights, human rights and the dignity of all people.

Trump’s own aides and cabinet members make the case against this Muslim travel ban as good as any critic.

“The fact remains that we are not immune to terrorist threats and that our enemies often use our own freedoms and generosity against us,” Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly said, according to CNN. “We cannot risk the prospect of malevolent actors using our immigration system to take American lives.”

Given that, the ban would have done nothing to prevent past terrorist attacks on Americans, and it does nothing to prevent another terrorist attack similar to any that have come before this. And it creates a false sense of security that would present an opportunity for a terrorist to use unaffected “freedoms and generosities” against us.

Both Democrats and Republicans in Congress need to swiftly speak out against the measure, For the sake of all Americans and foreigners alike, the best news would be for courts to once again strike this new measure as unconstitutional. And then, Congress needs to address the refugee and immigration issues through comprehensive, fair, humanitarian and constitutional legislation. The problems are too complex to right by administrative edict, and absolutely not by this administration.