QUIDNUNC: Independence Institute states nothing but the truthers


QUID HAS HEARD that it’s untrue that the fathomlessly far-right thunk tank in Denver, Ye Olde In Depends Astute, or something like that, does nothing right, or left. Seems that institute chief brainiac Jon Caldara — successor to the likes of John “Ten Commandments” Andrews and Tom “Nuke The Bastards” Tancredo — just can’t get enough liberal bashing these days. Not satisfied with an annual soirée that encourages open sexist fun and loaded guns, Caldera has cleverly created a “Californian Of The Year” list. Each week, until Colorado tires of his shtick, Caldera picks some poor sap he and his think most likely represent whack California values and politics. So far, he’s bestowed the honor of Boulder Congressman Jared Polis for his push for total green energy in the state by 2040. Such a sin. Yours truly must say, however, that since our blessed square state is home to so many transplants, including Caldara, New Jersey, yup, that the idea of assigning oh-those-people status intrigues this hack. In that spirit, Quid nominates for Texan of the Year: State Rep. Lori Saine, AKA, What-Gunder Woman? Saine, who has fought hard in the Legislature for common folk like herself to have rights like Texans to pack their pistolas everywhere and anywhere they want, pulled her piece out of her purse at Denver International Airport a couple of weeks ago after TSA goons there asked her what in the hell a gun was doing in her purse at the security line. Oopsy, she forgot, she told security officials before they marched her then-gunless butt to jail for several hours. State attorneys say no charges will be filed against Saine, ‘cause she plumb forgot her gat was in the bag. That’s so Texas, where a loaded gun is kind of like a wine opener or your mom’s arthritis meds. And there’s no doubt that Colorado Sen. Cory Gardner should be lauded as Kansan of the Year. Gardner’s math skills are about on par with those in the square state to the right after Trickle Down Economics wiped out their school system, roads and most street lights. The Kansas economy was destroyed by the exact same cut-biz-taxes scam that passed through Congress this week. Gardner says he’s done done the math, and big tax-cuts for business means high-paying jobs for all and govamint coffers overflowing with money, just like Kansas. Quid hopes Gardner has an opportunity to represent his adopted state to the right in the U.S. Senate as soon as voters in this square state see how that new GOP math doesn’t add up to anything but impeachment and a big blue wave on Election Day next year.


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