YOUR NEWS: Seminar at Lowry Conference Center aimed to help ‘keep it together’


Hurry, worry, rush, fuss! Work, deadlines, meetings, quotas! Kids, teachers, neighbors, family! Doctors, pills, paychecks, bills! Politics, issues, travel, fears!

“Overcoming the Obstacles for Effective Meditation” is author Roger Ringo’s technique seminar for answering how to “keep it to­gether” in the modern lifestyle of pressure and stress. Sessions at 2 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. Sept. 27 at the Lowry Conference Center,061 Akron Way are open to the public. Registration is $15 at the door.

“At every corner the success in our personal energy, relationship and business lives can feel quite sabotaged. The journey to long lasting calm and peace can seem like an illusive mirage in a mental desert.Where is happiness and fulfillment?” Ringo said. “There are simple, practical solutions for the person seeking balance and inner command.”

With meditation being all the rage now and getting endorsements from health professionals, people are tapping various forms of relaxation and serenity. Yet, Ringo has found that innumerable people he has met on his speaking and media tours still can’t make it work in their own unique lifestyles. He teaches a unique, easy-to-do form of active meditation that can be achieved in an instant, on the go, anytime, anywhere – even in a tense management meeting or getting the kids off to school.

“I find sincere people that tell me, ‘I do not have time. Meditation takes too long. I cannot turn off my active mind. Meditation it too hard, I cannot remember all the steps. What do I do when meditating?’ They really are trying to get it to work, but various things just get in the way,” he said.

“Meditation is misunderstood in many ways,” he added. “Meditation can be brief and still be effective.”

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