Top Gear is building a delta wing because they’re the best car show in the world


    Look, I don’t know why the American version of Top Gear hasn’t caught on. But if I had to take a stab at it, I’d guess it’s because the UK version is building ultra-cool cars like this one, that will never make it on TV.

    Feast your eyes on this, the Top Gear garage Delta Wing. Nissan recently deployed it’s Delta Wing race car to LeMans with varying amounts of success, but one thing is certain: this concept is probably the future of racing. If it’s hard to visualize what a DeltaWing race car would look like, imagine a stealth bomber and the Michael Keaton Batmobile had a race car babies.

    Everyone from engineers and gear heads is watching to see what happens with the Delta Wing, but the boys from Top Gear decided to build their own. Read the story here, because according to the story, it won’t see the light of day on the BBC.