Beauprez made ’47 percent’ comments in 2010, tape shows 


DENVER | A week into his race for governor, Republican Bob Beauprez is under fire for comments he made four years ago about how many Americans don’t pay income tax.

Beauprez told the Denver Rotary Club in a 2010 speech that 47 percent don’t pay income taxes and are “perfectly happy that somebody else is paying the bill.”

The video surfaced as Democrats look for ammunition against the challenger to Democratic Gov. John Hickenlooper. Colorado Democratic Party Chairman Rick Palacio alerted The Denver Post to the video on Wednesday ( ).

Beauprez’s campaign stood by the remarks. His campaign manager said it’s not controversial to want more people to prosper. Beauprez’s remarks were similar to statements made in 2012 by Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney about the “47 percent.”