AURORA | A moratorium on oil and gas permit applications in Adams County won’t have an impact on Aurora, according to city officials. 

Adams County commissioners passed the moratorium, which ends Nov. 30, on a 4-1 vote this week. It applies to unincorporated Adams County, so Aurora should not be impacted in any significant way, said deputy city manager Jason Batchelor. 

Aurora spans parts of three different counties — Arapahoe, Douglas and Adams counties.

“The county is committed to fairness in its regulation of oil and gas development,” Commission board chair Mary Hodge said in a statement. “This moratorium is designed to ensure there is no unfair advantage to applicants who might apply under current regulations in the weeks between now and the date that potential changes in the law under Proposition 112 become effective.”

Prop. 112, if passed, would require any oil and gas development be 2,500 feet from a structure or “vulnerable area.”

The resolution approved by the commissioners notes that there is a worry oil and gas developers may try to hurry applications through to avoid the effects of Prop. 112. 

“Adams County is committed to protecting the health, safety, and welfare of its citizens and wants to ensure that Adams County residents are afforded the benefits of the application of the changes in the law under Proposition 112 if it passes” the resolution says. “There is real potential for oil and gas developers to rush to submit local government applications immediately before the vote on Proposition 112 and during the time period between passage of Proposition 112 and its effective date.”

Commissioners said they would take the issue of oil and gas development applications back up after the election.

— KARA MASON, Staff Writer