AURORA | The massive Aurora Highlands project will be a main focus of Aurora City Council on Monday. 

Now, the more than 3,000 acres between E-470 and Monaghan Road is largely vacant, but developers of the project want the city to allow them to build more multi-family units. That proposal will be part of the framework development plan the city lawmakers will take up at the meeting.

The developer is seeking three waivers with the plan, which allow the developer to increase density within the planned development. 

“As the residential climate continues to evolve with the growing demand for attainable housing and rental options in the Aerotropolis area, the Applicant would like to reserve the option for additional multi-family in condensed areas that are suitable for this land use; for example, areas that are adjacent to commercial and mixed-use,” the waiver request said. 

The developer said by allowing more “urban pockets” within Aurora Highlands it’ll “fulfill the intent of having a a city within a city development, rather than a homogenous, sprawling suburban development.”

The developer also wants to waivers from certain design standards, such as being able to incorporate smaller lots. That’s an issue the city has been tackling for more than a year. Home developers say they can reduce the cost of homes by building on smaller lots. They say the size and design of homes would be mostly, if not entirely, the same with the change.

City council members are also slated to approve a $2 fee on nightly stays at Aurora hotels with more than 75 rooms. It’s expected to make the city between $2.6 million and $2.9 million and be used for marketing and promotion of the city.

A technical adjustment to the city code will have to be approved by council members so the fee can be collected.

— KARA MASON, Staff Writer