PLAINVIEW: Seasonal Effective



    If there’s one mantra we all want to live by in Colorado — or should live by — it’s, “get out.”

    Outside. As Colorado’s epic-long winter gives way to consecutive days of sun and moderate temperatures, the urge to sit on a patio with coffee and friends, push a bike around a cool, twinkling lake, take a stroll or maybe practice for a triathlon becomes irresistible.

    We talk about getting outside a lot here at the Aurora magazine. We have departments dedicated just to telling our readers what’s new and old in ways to see just how much bluer the sky is at a mile high, and much, much higher.

    This month, I’m taking you kite flying with me. While tugging a colorful diamond or tetrahedron up into the air isn’t exactly unique to Aurora and the metro area, Colorado has certainly added exclusive touches to sport. Only here are there kites that boast how high we all are.

    We’re an outside culture year ‘round here in Aurora. Throughout the winter, more of us than ever seek the steeps with skis or snowboards, we snowshoe, we ice climb, we ride snowmobiles. And while we embrace the cold and snow with frozen pleasures, Aurora is a place where short pants and flip flops come out when the temps breach freezing and the snow melts to ankle deep. In a place this sunny, it only takes a little bump of warmth to bring everyone out to enjoy it.

    But now, in April, when slightly longer days and afternoons in the 70s dot the week? We’re outta here.

    Look to our picks in The Mix for events to get you out of the house and on the town one way or another for the entire month. Entertainment editors Adam Goldstein and Aaron Cole cull hundreds of possibilities each month to provide you with 30 days of fun. Plays, concerts, movies, hikes, exhibits, tours and more are part of the good life here in Aurora, and our new Mix format provides you with low-hanging fruit.

    So get out, Aurora. Go online to and see a host of things to get you out of the house no matter what the season. If our Mix in the back of this edition doesn’t have everything you’re looking for, see our calendar online for hundreds of more ways to get more of what makes Colorado such an enviable place to live and play, inside and out.