PLAINVIEW: It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas


    jpg-150x1501I can hear jingle bells in the distance. Not the song. I can hear jingling, tinkling bells someplace as the snow merrily falls outside the window of our Aurora magazine offices.Or, it could be the repugnant ringing in my ears that comes with old age and many, many concerts in a small car.

    I’m reading stories for this month’s holiday-themed edition of Aurora magazine. The lists of seasonal cocktails, recipes, gift suggestions and trips down memory lane are irresistible. After seeing Santa tied up in lights on the cover, you just can’t not go there. No matter how stressful or wonderful this time of year is for anyone, the tug at our merry genes is too powerful to ignore. You just want to know where to ice skate outdoors near a bonfire, even if you have no intention of really doing it. A winter-white dump brings shivers to your core and soul when you’re trudging to work or school in January, but in December? It’s the visual equivalent of sleigh bells.

    Go ahead. Dive in and take a leisurely swim through our December offerings of places to spend your hard-earned greenbacks on traditional holiday fare, or on some ethnic offerings that say anything but Christmas tradition.

    What to drink? Stagger along with Deputy Editor Aaron Cole as he sorts through the best and worst of holiday cocktails. Questions about holiday light etiquette? Staffer Brandon Johansson will set you straight on just how lame it is to have Rudolph hanging around for Easter. Everyone’s on some kind of budget or another, so toss aside the meaningless euphemisms and read Staff Writer Rachel Sapin’s advice on getting cheap gifts from the dollar store.

    Bored? Not for long. This month’s edition of The Mix has cultural and entertainment advice that will have you happily missing your favorite TV shows so you can join in the fun at parades, holiday lights shows, plays, ballets and all kinds of seasonal events.

    I even get in on the fun by letting you in on one of Colorado’s best-kept and most dangerous secrets: You can cut down your own Christmas tree in the forest during an experience that can be as sentimental as a Hallmark holiday movie or as miserable as a winter day at an outdoor dog wash.

    Our December holiday gift to you is a veritable feast of fun and thrills that will either help you make this the best holiday season you’ve ever survived, or it will push you over the edge and prompt reservations for an Indonesian island before another day brings that damned ringing in your ears any closer.