AURORA | There aren’t any Aurora City Council members up for election this year, but that doesn’t mean they haven’t been out politicking. Several of the local lawmakers were out canvassing and stumping for candidates on the last weekend before Election Day.

“I’m out working to get Mike Coffman re-elected,” said Johnny Watson, who was appointed to the Aurora City Council earlier this year, in a video posted by Coffman’s campaign manager.

Watson appears to be canvassing in the video and notes Coffman’s bipartisanship as a reason why he’s supporting the Republican incumbent.

“Mike is a resident of Aurora,” he says in the video. “He’s been in Aurora for a large portion of his life, attended Aurora Public Schools. That tells me he’s been around and knows what’s going on in Aurora.”

The jab seems to be directed at Coffman’s opponent Jason Crow, who stirred some controversy early on in the campaign because he was not living in the district. Crow and his family moved several blocks and now reside in Aurora in the Stapleton neighborhood.

Councilwomen Nicole Johnston, Allison Hiltz and Crystal Murillo — all self-described progressives who were elected in 2017 — were on hand for Crow’s campaign.

Hiltz had emergency surgery Friday for a kidney stone that was causing a blockage. She doubled down on her support for Crow in a video posted to Youtube the day before, saying health care is a major reason why she’s supporting the candidate and urging others to do the same.

“The first day of recovery was pretty brutal – perhaps worse than pre-surgery,” she wrote on Facebook Saturday. “But today I managed to stand up long enough to remind folks why we need to elect Jason Crow for Congress and handed out some much-needed bunker gear to our Aurora Fire Rescue firefighters.”

— KARA MASON, Staff Writer