AURORA | A video depicting someone on a bike skitching on the back of a car has prompted rumors that there are assaults involved — and that’s attracted Aurora police.

The video depicts a man clad in Denver Broncos garb on a bike as he hitches himself to the back of car leaving an Aurora grocery store. The stunt is called skitching or bumper shining. It’s illegal and dangerous, police say.

A Facebook user posted the 11-second video late Thursday night. The 14-second clip shows a man on a bike hunched behind the back window of an SUV as he’s holding on to its bumper. The car and man on the bike head down the road.

The person who posted the video also claimed he’d been told that the man does this regularly and then “pulls a knife” on drivers when they stop.

The poster, Cody Schulze, identified the location near the King Soopers near East Iliff Avenue and South Buckley Road.

After filming the video, Schulze said he spoke with a nearby gas station attendant about the man.

The attendant told him that “some guy in the area has been latching onto women’s vehicles and when the get in a neighborhood he pulls a knife on them,” he wrote on Facebook. “I don’t know if this was the guy but who latches on a vehicle like that at like 9 at night. If you notice he ducks real low to stay out of view. IDK just a heads up. Be safe out there.”

As of 3 p.m. Friday, the post has been shared 1,800 times.

Hundreds have also commented, concerned about their safety. Several commenters even claimed to have seen the man or that he’d latched onto their own cars.

The Facebook users brought the video to the attention of Aurora police.

Anthony Camacho, an Aurora Police Department spokesperson, said APD responded to the concerns on social media.

“After researching this we are not finding reports of anyone being victims of any crimes like what was described to you,” APD told a user online, referring to the online rumors. “The cyclist is violating CRS 42-4-1412 Bicycle Rider Attached Himself to Motor Vehicle.”

He said no arrests have been made.

— GRANT STRINGER, Staff Writer