Aurora City Council members elect Bob Roth as mayor pro tem, approve police body cams


AURORA | The City of Aurora has a new mayor pro tem, which takes over mayoral duties when the elected mayor is unable to do so. Councilman Bob Roth will take over the position from Coucilwoman Marsha Berzins. 

City lawmakers reversed a measure that would have precluded asking voters to pay city council members $100 stipends for some committee meetings they attend. Council members voted 9-1 to table the measure Apri 28, with councilman Bob Roth voting to keep it. (Courtland Wilson/Aurora Sentinel)

Berzins had to fill in for former Mayor Steve Hogan for several months after he announced he was diagnosed with cancer and after his death before Mayor Bob LeGare was appointed to the post. The mayor pro tem position is elected each year by fellow council members and attends some events for the mayor and makes committee assignments.

Roth received votes from Johnny Watson, Charlie Richardson, Marsha Berzins, Francoise Bergan and Dave Gruber. 

Council member Nicole Johnston also vied for the position. She received votes from council members Crystal Murillo, Allison Hiltz, Angela Lawson and LeGare. 

Council members approved a new contract for police worn body cameras, thanked outgoing Adams and Arapahoe counties sheriffs Michael McIntosh and David Walcher. Each was ousted by Democratic challengers this year. 

During the meeting, council members also approved a “market-based revenues opportunities” policy. City staff and council members say the current policy is “redundant” and “ultimately discourages employees from referencing the policy when seeking solutions to funding challenges through creative means.”

The new policy would set guidelines for approving sponsorships and requiring review of partnerships the city has with outside organizations.