LEARNING: Learning Curves




    Times have changed for students and parents. They’ve changed for teachers and administrators. And you can bet they’ve changed for the state officials looking to make a real impact on how schools function in Aurora and beyond.

    A student entering high school now has to worry about college credits, career training and long-term goals. A parent has a similar set of stresses, along with the considerable price tag that comes along with a public education. Extracurricular clubs? Sports? School supplies? All of that costs money.

    Speaking of money, the way the state funds schools could be redefined this fall, as voters decide on a tax hike for education worth $950 million. Oh, and there are large-scale reforms concerning curriculum, accountability and testing all heading down the pike this year.

    All of these seismic shifts have an effect on the everyday lives of those in and out of the school buildings in Aurora. We talked with four people hot-wired into the public school system: a student entering high school, a veteran teacher who now teaches teachers, a parent with an active high school student and a state legislator who spent decades as a principal and an administrator.

    Their insights show just how tricky the business of school and learning has become in the 21st century. Math, reading and science are only smaller parts of a much more complex picture.


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