HedonXmas — Uniquely Colorado Gifts


    Colorado Cannabis Tours gift card

    2087 S. Grant St., Denver. Call 303-420-TOUR (8687) or visit coloradocannabistours.com. Two-person packages start at $179 and go up to $1,420.

    The first thing out-of-towners always ask about is the weed. If you’re from a state where marijuana isn’t legal, the dispensaries, weed culture and edibles are always a point of fascination in Colorado — and sometimes the driving force behind traveling here. So why not indulge your friends from the ultra conservative southern states or hustling, bustling East Coast with a Colorado Cannabis Tours gift card? It can be used for any of their tours, which feature visits to dispensaries and grow facilities. In addition, CCT offers tours with stops at some well-known Denver attractions, like Red Rocks Amphitheater and the Denver Botanical Gardens. Or the gift card can be used for one of their weed-centric classes, like the Puff, Pass & Paint Class. Gift cards from CCT can be found on their website and range in price, but we would encourage getting the one for $420 for that extra Colorado flair.

    -Susan Gonzalez

    Just about any apparel from Rockmount Ranch Wear

    1626 Wazee St., Denver. Call 303-629-7777 or visit rockmount.com. Price varies.

    If you’re from Colorado and have somehow gone your whole life without ever hearing of Rockmount Ranch Wear, even then there’s a very good chance you’re more familiar with the vintage country-and-western-inspired apparel than you think. That’s because, spanning three generations of the Weil family beginning with Jack A. Weil (who died in 2008), the downtown Denver company located at 1626 Wazee St. has been around since the advent of snap-button shirts (invented by Jack himself), and is celebrating its 70th anniversary in 2016. During that time, Rockmount has outfitted more celebrities than just about any designer not named Armani, Vitton or Lauren — from Nobel Peace Prize winner Bob Dylan to made-for-screen cowboys and Oscar winners Paul Newman and Robert Redford to The Boss (Springsteen) and The King (Elvis). Talk about royalty. And what makes apparel from Rockmount the perfect Colorado gift isn’t just the “made in” component, but also the ornate detail which gives each piece such a uniquely Centennial State feel — from trademark diamond-shaped buttons to mountain-themed appliqués and elaborate country-western embroidery. There’s no doubt about it: Rockmount Wear was born of the Colorado Rocky Mountains themselves.

    — Jeremy Johnson

    Signed Peyton Manning football

    Visit nflshop.com/Peyton_Manning_Denver_Broncos_Collectibles. Price: $550 (limited quantity, comes with free shipping).

    At long last, the capstone piece of memorabilia for that blue and orange fanatic in your life who has an, er, unhealthy love of Nationwide Insurance commercials. The Mile High donkeys may be a solid nine months (probably 11 by the time this rag is ousted from Aurora racks and coffee tables) removed from their dominate performance in Super Bowl 50, but glancing around, well, just about any public establishment in Colorado on any given day of the damn year could convince most casual observers that said battle with the Carolina Panthers occurred just last week. Not that most Broncos diehards exactly need another orange feather in their proverbial cap of football merchandise but, hey, what better way to pay tribute to The Sheriff than with an officially licensed National Football League pigskin with Mr. Manning’s John Hancock plastered on the side in silver Sharpie? For a mere $550, we’re coming up pretty dry thinking of alternatives.

    — Quincy Snowdon

    Arktos custom bike at Alchemy Bike Co.

    The lowercase cursive lettering along the frame of your full-suspension mountain bike reads “alchemy.” And when you hit that trails with that word emblazoned on Alchemy Arktos’ frame you’re making a statement. First, you’re telling every other two-wheeler on the dirt that you value quality, and don’t mind dropping close to $7,000 on a vehicle that requires you to be the engine. It also says you know a thing or two about bikes, because you opted for a rare and pricey specimen. And finally, it says you value your local community: Alchemy is based in east Denver, just a quick ride from the Aurora border, so you know you’re getting a high-end bike with Mile-High roots and Colorado quality.

    — Brandon Johansson

    A Colorado high-country Allegria Spa experience in Beaver Creek

    100 East Thomas Place, Beaver Creek. Call 970-748-7500 or visit allegriaspa.com. Up to $275.

    You will likely never have your significant other or family member say “ew!” to a day at the spa (unless they’re some “never-nude” like Tobias Funk. In which case avoid that one!) If they enjoy a day of relaxation, it’s hard to beat the Park Hyatt Beaver Creek Allegria, a full service European style luxury day spa, where you can soak in an Aqua Sanitas water sanctuary with nearby mineral pool, lounge in a heated pool or soak in nearby hot tubs under a mountain waterfall. The  30,000-square-foot Spa offers 23 treatment rooms including three distinct couples’ suites. They offer everything from slumber and prenatal massages to a $275 “spa flight,” which allows you to try a variety of treatments. If you’re wiling to throw down $350, you can be embraced by a “warm rose compress” aimed to calm the nervous system, complete with a rose shea butter and wildflower body scrub. Book online or call to make a reservation.

    — Rachel Sapin

    Print of ‘A Colorado Scene’ by Kane Englebert

    Visit kaephotography.com. Prices vary from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

    While it’s easy hike just about anywhere in Colorado and get some pretty nice photos yourself, it’s really hard to do this state’s natural beauty justice without some seriously fancy equipment and good skills. Thankfully, a number of very talented individuals, including Kane Englebert, have dedicated themselves to showcasing Colorado in all its glory (and in its most splendid moments), and make it so you can escape there any time you want by hanging it in your living room, bedroom or office. Englebert’s extensive gallery is available at his website (kaephotography.com), but one of his works that stands out is “A Colorado Scene,” a landscape shot taken at the Dallas Divide and depicting snowy mountains, many changing shades of leaves and one of the state’s common, fast-moving storms approaching in the distance. Such stunning photography deserves to be printed in high quality, and through Englebert’s website is available in any number of options of sizes and paper qualities. Bring the beauty home.

    — Courtney Oakes

    Premium Facial Kit from Taspen’s Organics

    12424 Big Timber Dr., Conifer. Call 303-816-0429, visit Taspen’s.com or email [email protected] Price: $355.

    If the eyes truly are the window to the soul, the face must be the whole exterior facade. And if that is, indeed, the case, that exterior needs at least an annual power washing — shutters, trim, siding and all. But before this whole “face as a building” metaphor gets too convoluted, we’ll just say this: Wash your damn face. But, please, for the love of Billy Shakespeare, no more of that CVS-brand rubbing alcohol. You’re better than that. This year, it’s time to spring for something a tad more opulent — OK, a lot more opulent. The Premium Facial Kit from Taspen’s Organics, based in Conifer, will provide that deep, witch hazel-infused power wash that your mug didn’t even know it needed. The package includes a 4 oz. of gentle exfoliating cleanser, 6 oz. of foaming facial cleanser, 4 oz. of facial toner, 1.7 oz. of eye cream, 1 oz. of wrinkle serum, 4 oz. of facial moisturizing cream and a free blemish stick. Hello, clean pores, now you can really breathe in that mountain air.

    — Quincy Snowdon

    Never Summer Twenty Five snowboard

    When it comes to skiing and snowboarding, it’s not hard to craft a whole set up — from boots to bindings to gloves to goggles — with significant Colorado roots. The Mile High is something of a big player in all things snow, and few companies have embraced their Centennial-state origins the way the guys at Never Summer snowboards have. Whether it was merch with Colorado flags slapped all over them, or rekindling Coloradoans love affair with the criminally underused logo of the old Colorado Rockies hockey squad, Never Summer never forgets where they’re from. And while they’re at it, they crank out gnarly snowboards that will make you the envy of every weekend road warrior along Interstate 70. We recommend their Twenty Five board, a versatile vehicle that will give you hours of riding whether the powder’s deep or the spring snow is slushy.

    — Brandon Johansson

    Hipster Colorado stuff from Coloradical

    3109 E. Colfax Ave., Denver. Visit coloradicalshirts.com or email [email protected]

    For that transplant in your life — and we’ve all got some — nothing says “Colorado is my home, really, I mean it” like some swanky state gear complete with that superfluous Colorado flag logo. And while that stuff’s a dime a dozen these days — those “Made in Colorado” stores are no longer vanquished to just the 16th Street Mall but found at nearly every retail location from the Front Range to the Western Slope — if you want truly authentic Centennial State gear, head over to Colorado hipster paradise, Coloradical. Sure, they’ve got some of the same logo-stamped, royal blue shirts you can find at just about any tourist shop, but Coloradical kicks it up a notch in other areas, offering themed beer koozies, bicycle water bottles and even baby’s onesies, as well as fun patches for your hiking backpack or jean jacket, winter hats with festive poms on top, and trucker hats for those more comfortable on the slopes than behind the wheel of, you know, an actual big rig. Basically, it’s all things Colorado — but with a hipster twist. Because “NATIVE” bumper stickers just don’t cut it anymore.

    — Jeremy Johnson

    Cibado leather bag

    Call 970-355-0301, visit cibado.com or email [email protected] Prices range from $170 to $650.

    There seems to be two factions of Coloradans — the vegan, gluten-free, prairie dog-loving group and the other half, those ravenous bacon-eaters who would love a gift made from the finest, softest cow skin, er, leather. For the people in your life that fall into that second category, there’s nothing they would love more than to get their hands on a leather bag or wallet from Cibado. Based in Glenwood Springs, Cibado touts its buffalo leather, handmade goods that mix western elements with modern style. While the items are made to order, and therefore take a bit longer for patrons to receive, the style and impeccable care taken into crafting each bag is worth the price tag for those seeking the perfect, durable carryall.

    -Susan Gonzalez

    Paradise Division Double Chair from Mountain Time Chairs

    Call 970-34907340 or visit mountaintimechairs.com. Price: $499.

    What’s more Colorado than sitting outside and relaxing on locally sourced Centennial State wood? The beetle kill infestation has devastated part of our glorious state, but some local businesses have turned the negative into a positive by crafting from the beetle kill timber unique items you can put in your home. Based in Crested Butte, Mountain Time Chairs — a family business which traces its beginnings back to 1995 — offers a variety of handmade Colorado pieces. The double Adirondack-style chair, with a small table in between, gives a Colorado look to any sprawling patio, cozy front porch or outdoor fire pit. The chair (42-inches-tall-by-60-inches-wide) is available online at the company’s website, with delivery to 48 states. Though it comes in natural and unstained, the teak or golden stain will help it stand up to the often harsh Colorado winters.

    — Courtney Oakes

    A Colorado Ski Country Gold Pass

    All over Colorado. Call 303-866-9728 or email Katherine Rainbolt at [email protected] Price: $3,300.

    The Colorado Ski Country USA Gold Pass is the state’s most exclusive season pass, according to snow-hungry residents, with only 100 available each year. The pass allows the “chosen ones” access to 20 state ski resorts, including Arapahoe Basin, Aspen Highlands, Aspen Mountain, Buttermilk, Cooper, Copper Mountain, Crested Butte, Eldora, Granby Ranch, Howelsen, Loveland, Monarch, Powderhorn, Purgatory, Snowmass, Steamboat, Sunlight, Telluride, Winter Park and Wolf Creek. Phew! You can also use the pass at any time, no blackout dates and it is transferable to friends, family, clients and coworkers. The hitch: each one costs $3,300. But for the true ski bum, a great day on the slopes is an invaluable experience. You have to apply for one of these coveted passes by visitng coloradoski.com/gold-pass and downloading a form to fill out. It will be just one giant race to the bottom after that.

    — Rachel Sapin