It wasn’t so long ago that if you spotted someone enjoying a cold one near East 25th Avenue and Dallas Street, chances are it was a tall can of Steel Reserve malt liquor wrapped in a brown paper sack.

    Let’s just say the drinking scene in that far northwest corner of the city is set to change dramatically.

    When Stanley Marketplace is fully open later this year, the sprawling space won’t just be a place to bend the elbow and enjoy a cocktail or two near the Aurora and Denver border. It’s going to be THE place.

    While nearly every establishment where you can grab a bite at Stanley will also offer a boozy treat to wash it down, three are dedicated to booze in a way the others aren’t: Stanley Beer Hall, Cheluna Brewing Co. and Infinite Monkey Theorem winery.

    At the beer hall — the opening of which was one of the most-anticipated events on the region’s culinary and beer scenes in 2016 — the only real problem a hop-head will run into is making a choice. There are more than 60 beers to chose from on a given day — many on tap, others in bottles and cans. That’s 6-0, more than five dozen. That’s a lot of brew.

    If you like to keep your beer drinking Colorado-centric, the beer hall has you covered with all the biggest and best names on the Centennial State’s roster of breweries — Avery, New Belgium, Odell, Ska, Upslope, and on down the list.

    If you feel like venturing out, and need something ideally suited to a chilly winter day, reach for Samuel Smith’s Winter Welcome Ale. This brew from renowned beer makers in England isn’t as dark and heavy as some of the other winter offerings you can find at just 6 percent ABV, but it packs the sort of winter spices which warm the chilliest belly.

    With seating inside and outside, the beer hall takes advantage of the sprawling space that is Stanley and serves as a sort of hub for the whole market. Planning on hitting an art gallery and the dentist office? Stanley Beer Hall almost dares you to try and pull it off without a quick break for a cold one.

    But if you want your beer super fresh and can’t resist hitting one of those tasting rooms that have become so ubiquitous in Colorado, venture over to Cheluna.

    Javiér Pérez’s brewery had to battle through some naming woes before opening, eventually changing their name from Casita, but the brews have always been on point.

    The lineup on tap has something of a global feel. There’s La Morena, a German-style brown hefeweizen (wheat beer). And Belga, a Belgian-style saison, as well as their Mexican lager. During these frigid winter months, be sure to snag the Coco-Xoco, a porter loaded with cacao, coconut and vanilla.  And if beer isn’t really your thing, that’s OK, too. Infinite Monkey has been proving for years that wine doesn’t have to come from Napa or Santa Barbara — a land-locked and dry locale like Colorado can crank out more than enough tasty vino.

    While it will be a mecca for Denver-area booze enthusiasts, Stanley hardly forgets the teetotalers who will no doubt pass through.

    If you’re just looking for something to perk you up (or sober you up, as the case may be), Logan House Coffee Co. takes their coffee about as seriously as you can imagine, and they’ll be happy to walk fans of the brown bean through their array of top-shelf roasts.