DATE KNIGHT: How Did You Know That? flexing the sexiest muscle in your body: your brain


    Trivia Night is the most underrated date night around. If you’re a young person and just getting to know someone, trivia is a fun way to break the ice. It can help prompt conversations about things you’d never think to ask. And if you’ve been married for almost 15 years and think you know everything about the person you’ve been staring at across the table all these years, Trivia Night can provide unexpected revelations.

    PastedGraphic-1Know that not all trivia experiences are the same. If you are not a big trivia buff, maybe just a plain old console at your table at Buffalo Wild Wings is your happy place. Many of those games have multiple-choice formats and will often eliminate the options one at a time for decreasing points as the answer time continues. This is a casual, fun time and doesn’t feel stressful if you step out to the car to make out and then come back to the game later. That’s what I hear, anyway. What I mean is, you can do trivia, look smart or not, stop for conversation or whatever and no one is really paying that much attention. Great for when a question sparks a moment and you find an opportunity to learn more about your date.

    If you elect to do a Trivia Night event, it’s a little different. Trivia Nights can be hosted by DJ’s like DJTrivia ( or by groups such as Geeks Who Drink ( and are a bit more frantic because of the interactions of the teams and the person hosting the quiz. You can go to their websites and find where they are hosting an event close to you. These groups also have more multimedia questions, prizes, and the bragging rights are bigger since many teams attend fairly regularly. This is a better opportunity for a group date or for setting someone up than a console at your table.

    Regardless of the kind of trivia event you attend, we should lay down some Dos and Don’ts for a Trivia Date. Please abide by the following guidelines:

    If you are a brainiac

    • Don’t overdo it. It’s sexy to be smart, but no one likes a demonstrative Know-It-All. Allow your date to answer some questions too, Ball Hog.

    • On the off chance another team is beating you, don’t roll your eyes, declare favoritism on the part of the DJ, or complain about defective equipment. None of this is charming.

    • Don’t provide a solo dissertation on the subject of the question. Remember to use these topics to learn more about your date. For example, if the answer to a question is “Slurpee,” ask your date what his or her favorite Slurpee flavor is, instead of providing the chemical formula for a Slurpee or debating the etymology of the word “Slurpee.”

    • Do give your date a high five if he or she knows an answer, because celebrating the win is fun and any chance to smile and cheer is an easy, comfortable icebreaker. Conversely, if your date gives the wrong answer don’t rub it in and say, “I knew it! Why didn’t you let me answer?!”

    If you are pretty smart

    • Don’t berate yourself for not knowing an answer. Instead, use this as an opportunity to bring your date out a bit, so ask if he or she knew it. Even better, (under the guise of keeping your answer from the other teams), lean in and whisper to your date what you think the answer is. Ask your date if he or she agrees. Totally charming.

    • Don’t get competitive with your date, this is a time to come together and unite against the other teams.

    If you are “street smart,” not “book smart”

    • Do show off your sense of humor with your own alternate answers to the trivia questions. But not on every question, that gets old. Also avoid any reference to body parts, fluids and functions.

    • Don’t say, “what kind of weirdo knows the answers to all this meaningless stuff anyway?” when you miss a question. It’s trivia, pal — no sour grapes allowed.

    • Do take advantage of your date’s knowledge by inquiring how he or she knew the answer to a question. Also do be sure to listen to the answer.

    If all goes well, the last question of the night is the one where you ask your date to go for Trivia Night again. Chances are the answer is an unflappable, “yes!”