Colorado’s GOP Senate contenders: Where they stand on issues


DENVER | Colorado Republicans decide Tuesday who challenges Democratic U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet in November. A glance at the five candidates on select issues:

In this Saturday, April 12, 2014, photo, U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet, D-Colo., greets delegates during the Colorado Democratic Party's State Assembly in Denver. Five candidates are vying for the Republican nomination in Tuesday's primary election to run against Bennet in the November general election. (AP Photo/David Zalubowski)DARRYL GLENN

— Donald Trump: Glenn has stumped for Trump but accepted an endorsement from Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, who doesn’t support Trump. “At least Mr. Trump is out there and giving a vision that he wants to shake things up. And that’s what people want,” Glenn has said.

— Immigration: “I will not support amnesty.”

— National Security: Take the war to the Islamic State group. “We have a president who has failed to identify the enemy.”

— Economy: All energy options; cut corporate tax rate; end entitlement spending.

— Why run: “There are so many people frustrated with politicians saying one thing, and they go to either Denver or Washington, D.C., and completely (sell) out to special interests.”


— Trump: Blaha supports Trump and says Glenn is “selling out” with Cruz’s endorsement. “Darryl Glenn will say anything to get our votes and then cut a backroom deal to get power and prestige.”

— Immigration: He says he’ll cut illegal immigration by half in his first term or will leave under a “Blaha product guarantee.” Deporting 11 million in U.S. illegally: “Not gonna happen.”

— National security: Take the war to the Islamic State group abroad; undo Iran nuclear treaty; keep terrorists at Guantanamo Bay.

— Economy: Cut corporate taxes; dismantle bureaucracies (such as the Department of Education); all energy options including coal; dismantle health care overhaul.

— Why run: “If you want to be re-elected and that’s your primary goal, then you shouldn’t be running.”


— Trump: “He has lost my support. He can regain my support.”

— Immigration: Supports an immigrant work program; those in the country illegally should register to seek citizenship.

— National Security: Re-impose Iran sanctions; take the war to the Islamic State group.

— Economy: Cut corporate taxes, simplify tax code; sequester Congress until it passes an annual budget; seek balanced budget amendment; eliminate health care overhaul.

— Why run: Outraged by Bennet’s support for Iran deal.


— Trump: “It would be irresponsible on my part if I did not take time to evaluate Mr. Trump and show people that I thought through this and here’s why I’m either with him or not.”

— Immigration: Bolster border security; reform immigration system.

— National Security: Impose financial sanctions against Iran; keep open Guantanamo Bay; fight the Islamic State group abroad.

— Economy: All energy options; cut and simplify taxes so companies can create jobs.

— Why run: Bennet “is a guy who’s in lockstep with Obama and not in lockstep with Colorado.”

JON KEYSERGOP 2016 Colorado Sen_Perr (6)

— Trump: Keyser supports the presumptive GOP nominee.

— Immigration: Tighten border security.

— National Security: Re-impose Iran sanctions; keep terrorists at Guantanamo Bay; the Islamic State group “is an enemy we can defeat.”

— Economy: Cut corporate taxes, government spending; energy independence; eliminate health care overhaul.

— Why run: “We have a senator who’s dangerous” because of support for Iran deal and closing Guantanamo Bay.