Coffman asks VA for fix for Denver hospital parking mess


AURORA | U.S. Rep. Mike Coffman, R-Aurora, last week sent a letter to Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric Shinseki asking the department to address parking problems at the Denver medical facility.

There are only 900 spaces for 2,000 daily visitors at the Denver medical facility, Coffman wrote, forcing disabled or injured veterans to park far away from the hospital.

Dan Warvi, a spokesman for the VA, said officials are investigating the concern.

“We certainly thank the Congressman for his continued interest in Veterans issues,” Warvi wrote in a statement.  “While there is no current change in the parking situation, the Denver VA Medical Center is actively looking into options with several private entities in the surrounding area. However, to comment on this process would be extremely premature, and may end up damaging those negotiations to the detriment of our hard-working employees and our veterans. In addition, we are continuing to pursue meetings with the Office of Denver Mayor Michael Hancock on the issue of parking restrictions immediately surrounding the Denver VA Medical Center.”

Coffman asked the VA for a response within 30 days to his letter. In it, he asked why leases with the University of Colorado were allowed to expire and asked if any veterans have been injured walking to the hospital.

“Colorado’s veterans seeking VA medical care deserve to have complete confidence they will receive the service, timely care and attention they have earned and deserve,” Coffman wrote in a statement March 5. “These are disturbing allegations, that’s why I am pursuing solutions to this issue and requesting urgent response from the VA.”