Buckley holds annual Snyder Ride, remembering Airman


    Team Buckley members gathered outside of the 460th Space Communications Squadron at the Senior Airman Michael S. Snyder memorial in order to honor his memory June 16 on Buckley Air Force Base.

    Snyder, a member of the 460th SCS, was hit and killed by a drunk driver while riding his motorcycle off base in 2014.

    “I am proud of every one of you and I know that you share my sentiment that it’s so important that we remember him and celebrate his life,” said Lt. Col. Christopher Kennedy, 460th SCS commander. “That’s what the Snyder Ride is really about, doing something that he loved to do. I think this is the best salute we can give to him on an annual basis as a member of this squadron.”

    Participants in the Snyder Ride rode up to Echo Lake, one of Snyder’s favorite places to go while stationed at Buckley AFB, and reflected on who Snyder was as person and member of the community.

    “It is so important that our Airmen learn that you can be doing everything right and be a hell of a person, a great friend to many, and your life can still be taken away by someone who is inconsiderate,” Kennedy said. “I love the youthful exuberance of our members who are 18, 19 and 20, but life isn’t fair, and you have to look out for each other because it can be taken away in an instant.”

    Although the remembrance ceremony had a somber tone, the memorial honored and celebrated who he was and the accomplishments he had achieved in his short life.

    “A stellar Airman, a leader and a great wingman,” said 1st Lt. Marvin Peters, 460th SCS flight commander. “It was those attributes that make him significant and not the circumstances of his death. If I have learned anything from Snyder, it’s this: laugh every day, enjoy your life, give your all, and be a wingman no matter what. Snyder was only with us for a short time, but his impact is lasting.”